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Below are the changes for the current release.
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Version 4.2.0 (in progress)
2023-05-25: olly
C++11 `auto` variables and `decltype()` can now deduce the
type of some expressions which involve literals of built-in types.
Currently int is not supported due to the parser misusing T_INT
for situations where the type isn't actually known.
2023-05-25: olly
#1125 Support parsing C++11 auto variables. This uses the
existing type deduction code from decltype so has the same
limitations, and such variables will only actually be wrapped
when SWIG can deduce the type.
2023-05-23: olly
[Ruby] Fix deprecation warnings about ANYARGS when compiling
C++ code for SWIG-generated Ruby wrappers with Ruby 3.x.
This is a recurrence of a problem fixed in 4.0.2. Our fix was
conditional on RB_METHOD_DEFINITION_DECL being defined, but Ruby
3.0 stopped defining this.
2023-05-23: olly
#2606 Improve error output when SWIG reaches EOF while looking for
a closing delimiter. This is reported with an error like:
Error: Missing '}'. Reached end of input.
We now exit after reporting this and so no longer report a second
more generic error like:
Error: Syntax error in input(1).
2023-05-22: mmomtchev
[Javascript] #2600 Improve test coverage by adding _runme.js files
for 22 test cases.
2023-05-20: erezgeva
[C#, D, Java, Javascript, Guile, Scilab] #2552 Implement argcargv.i
library multi-argument typemaps.
2023-05-20: erezgeva
[D] #56 #2538 #2570 The generated code now works with recent D releases:
adds override keyword on overridden methods.
Support is now working using DMD, gcc D and LLVM D compilers.
2023-05-20: olly
Support deducing the type for decltype(false) and
2023-05-19: olly
#2446 Add support for auto without trailing return type, which is a
C++14 feature.
2023-05-19: olly
SWIG no longer defines preprocessor symbols corresponding to
command line options (e.g. `-module blah` was resulting in
`SWIGOPT_MODULE` being set to `blah`). This feature was added in
2001 so that "[m]odules can look for these symbols to alter their
code generation if needed", but it's never been used for that
purpose in over 20 years, and has never been documented outside of
2023-05-18: olly
SWIG now defines __STDC__ to 1 to match the behaviour of ISO C/C++
compilers, rather than to have an empty value.
2023-05-18: olly
#2591 The value of __cplusplus SWIG defines can now be overridden
on the command line, e.g. using -D__cplusplus=201103L which is
useful if you're wrapping headers which have preprocessor checks
based on its value. By default SWIG now defines __cplusplus to
199711L (the value for C++98) rather than setting its value to
be __cplusplus.
2023-05-18: olly
#2591 Add new -U command line option to undefine a preprocessor
2023-05-18: olly
#1589 #2335 Support parsing arbitrary expression in decltype.
Use parser error recovery to skip to the closing matching `)` and
issue a warning that we can't deduce the decltype for the
expression (like we already do for any expression which isn't a
simple variable or similar).
2023-05-12: mmomtchev, erezgeva
[Javascript] #2561 Support check typemaps for Javascript.
2023-05-12: olly
[Java] #2556 Suppress Java removal warnings on finalize method.
SWIG will need to stop relying on finalize methods, but we know
that and meanwhile these warnings make the testsuite output very
2023-05-11: olly
#302 #2079 #2474 Parse storage class more flexibly.
Previously we had a hard-coded list of allowed combinations in the
grammar, but this suffers from combinatorial explosion, and results
in a vague `Syntax error in input` error for invalid (and missing)
This means we now support a number of cases which are valid C++ but
weren't supported, including `friend constexpr` and `virtual
2023-05-08: olly
#1567 Add support for std::string_view (new in C++17) for C#, Java,
Lua, Perl, PHP, Ruby and Tcl.
2023-05-08: olly
[PHP] #2544 Wrap overloaded method with both static and non-static
forms. We now wrap this as a non-static method in PHP, which means
the static form only callable via an object.
Previously this case could end up wrapped as static or non-static
in PHP. If it was wrapped as static, attempting to call non-static
overloaded forms would crash with a segmentation fault.
2023-05-06: mmomtchev, wsfulton
#2550 Fix typedef/using declarations to a typedef struct/class.
2023-05-04: erezgeva
[D] #2538 Drop support for D1/Tango, which was discontinued in
2012. Wrappers for D2/Phobos are now generated by default, though
the -d2 command line option is still accepted (and now ignored) for
backward compatibility.
2023-04-27: olly
#2502 Allow using snprintf() instead of sprintf() in wrappers.
We aim to produce code that works with C90 or C++98 so we can't
assume snprintf() is available, but it almost always is (even
on systems from before it was standardised) so having a way to
use it is helpful.
We enable this automatically if the compiler claims conformance
with at least C99 or C++11. It can also be enabled manually by
defining SWIG_HAVE_SNPRINTF. Define SWIG_NO_SNPRINTF to disable
The fallback is to call sprintf() without a buffer size check,
which is what we've done until now. Adding a check after the
call seems of limited benefit - if the buffer was overflowed
then it's too late to block it, and most of our uses either have a
fixed maximum possible size or dynamically allocate a buffer that's
large enough.
2023-04-26: mmomtchev
[Javascript] Take into account numinputs when counting arguments.
2023-04-24: olly
[PHP] Add throws typemaps for std:string* and const std::string*.
2023-04-23: olly
[Javascript] #2453 The testsuite and examples now select which
Javascript engine to test based on what was detected by configure.
Previously they'd always test with node you specified a different
engine (e.g. with `ENGINE=jsc` on the make command line). Now you
only need to specify ENGINE if you have more than one engine
2023-04-23: olly
[Javascript] Turn on C++ output when wrapping for node, like
we already do when wrapping for V8-without-node.
The testsuite was masking this bug by using SWIG options
`-v8 -DBUILDING_NODE_EXTENSION=1` rather than `-node` when testing
with nodejs, while the javascript examples were masking this by
all getting processed with -c++.
This shouldn't be an incompatible change for users, as if you're
wrapping a C API you'd have to be working around the problem before
this change (like our testsuite and examples were), and this change
shouldn't break your workaround - it just makes it unnecessary.
2023-04-21: mmomtchev
[Javascript] Fix naming of internal C++ helper for wrapping
variables for node to use the "getter" naming scheme rather
than the function wrapping one. In practice this didn't actually
cause problems because Node wrappers are always compiled as C++
and the parameters are always different even if the names are
the same.
2023-04-21: olly
[PHP] Support INPUT,INOUT,OUTPUT for std::string&.
By default SWIG/PHP wraps std::string& as a pass-by-reference PHP
string parameter, but sometimes such a parameter is only for input
or only for output, so add support for the named typemaps that other
target languages support.
2023-04-21: degasus
#2519 Fix CanCastAsInteger range check to clear errno first to fix
bogus failures for valid inputs.if errno is set.
2023-04-21: ZackerySpytz
[OCaml] #1439 Fix reference typemaps for std::string
2023-04-21: olly
#2183 Fix #ifdef and #ifndef to work inside a %define. Previously
they were silently ignored in this context (but #if defined already
worked here if you need a workaround which works for older
2023-04-20: erezgeva
[Go] #2533 Implement argcargv.i library for Go.
2023-04-19: davidcl
[Scilab] Add support for Scilab 2023.x.
Introduce a `-gatewayxml6` options to generate an XML with full
function names.
2023-04-19: mmomtchev #1882 #2525
Fix preprocessor expansion when a macro expands to the name of
another macro which takes parameters from the input following the
original macro expansion.
2023-04-19: wildmaples
[Ruby] #2527 Fix "undefining the allocator of T_DATA" warning seen
with Ruby 3.2.
2023-04-18: davidcl
[Scilab] #894 extract values with ":" for typemap (int* IN, int IN_SIZE)
2023-04-14: olly
[PHP7] Support for PHP7 has been removed. PHP7 security support
ended 2022-11-28 so it doesn't make sense to include support for
it in the SWIG 4.2.x release series.
2023-04-05: wsfulton
[Python] #2515 Add support for all STL containers to be constructible from a Python set.
The previous implementation used the Python Sequence Protocol to convert from Python types
to STL containers. The new implementation uses the Python Iterator Protocol instead and
thereby can convert from a Python set too.
2023-03-25: alatina
[Octave] #2512 Add support for Octave 8.1.
2023-03-22: wsfulton
[C#] #2478 Minor enhancements to std::array wrappers in std_array.i.
2023-03-13: wsfulton
Improved error checking when using %template to instantiate templates within
the correct scope.
1. When a template is instantiated via %template and uses the unary scope
operator ::, an error occurs if the instantiation is attempted within a
namespace that does not enclose the instantiated template.
For example, the following will now error as ::test::max is not enclosed within test1:
Error: '::test::max' resolves to 'test::max' and was incorrectly instantiated in
scope 'test1' instead of within scope 'test'.
namespace test1 {
%template(maxchar) ::test::max<char>;
2. SWIG previously failed to always detect a template did not exist when using
%template. In particular when instantiating a global template incorrectly within
namespace. The code below now correctly emits an error:
Error: Template 'test5::GlobalVector' undefined.
namespace test5 {
template<typename T> struct GlobalVector {};
%template(GVI) test5::GlobalVector<int>;
2023-03-13: wsfulton
Error out if an attempt is made to define a class using the unary scope
operator ::. The following is not legal C++ and now results in an error:
Error: Using the unary scope operator :: in class definition '::Space2::B' is invalid.
namespace Space2 {
struct B;
struct ::Space2::B {};
2023-03-08: wsfulton
Fix duplicate const in generated code when template instantiation type is const
and use of template parameter is also explicitly const, such as:
template <typename T> struct Conster {
void cccc1(T const& t) {}
%template(ConsterInt) Conster<const int>;
Above previously led to generated code:
(arg1)->cccc1((int const const &)*arg2);
instead of
(arg1)->cccc1((int const &)*arg2);
2023-03-01: wsfulton
Partial template specialization fixes to support default arguments from the primary
template's parameter list.
template<class Y, class T=int> struct X { void primary() {} };
// Previously the specialization below resulted in:
// Error: Inconsistent argument count in template partial specialization. 1 2
template<class YY> struct X<YY*> { void special(YY*) {} };
// Both of these correctly wrap the partially specialized template
%template(StringPtr) X<const char *>;
%template(ShortPtr) X<short *, int>;
2023-02-15: wsfulton
#1300 Further partial template specialization fixes.
Fixes when templates are used as a template parameter in a partially specialized
instantiation such as:
template<typename V> struct Vect {};
template<class T, typename TT> class Foo { ... };
template<class TS, typename TTS> class Foo<Vect<TS>, TTS> { ... };
%template(VectInt) Vect<int>;
%template(FooVectIntDouble) Foo<Vect<int>, double>; // was previously attempting to use primary template
Also fixes partial specialization where the same template parameter name is used twice,
for example:
template<typename X, typename Y> struct H { ... };
template<typename T> struct H<T, T> { ... };
%template(HInts) H<int, int>; // was previously attempting to use primary template
2023-01-27: jschueller
#2492 [python] Fix unused parameter warnings for self parameter in
generated C/C++ wrapper code.
2023-01-14: wsfulton
Fix deduction of partially specialized template parameters when the specialized
parameter is non-trivial, used in a wrapped method and the type to %template uses
typedefs. For example:
typedef double & DoubleRef;
template <typename T> struct XX {};
template <typename T> struct XX<T &> { void fn(T t) {} };
%template(XXD) XX<DoubleRef>;
The type of the parameter in the instantiated template for fn is now correctly deduced
as double.
2023-01-03: wsfulton
#983 Fix seg fault when instantiating templates with parameters that are function
parameters containing templates, such as:
%template(MyC) C<int(std::vector<int>)>;
2023-01-03: wsfulton
Complete support for C++11 variadic function templates. Support was previously limited
to just one template parameter. Now zero or more template parameters are supported
in the %template instantiation.
2022-12-29: wsfulton
#1863 Syntax error fixes parsing more elaborate parameter pack arguments that are
used in function pointers, member function pointers:
template <typename... V> struct VariadicParms {
void ParmsFuncPtrPtr(int (*)(V*...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrPtrRef(int (*)(V*&...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrPtrRValueRef(int (*)(V*&&...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrRef(int (*)(V&...)) {}
void ParmsFuncPtrRValueRef(int (*)(V&&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrPtr(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V*...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrPtrRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V*&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrPtrRValueRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V*&&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V&...)) {}
void ParmsMemFuncPtrRValueRef(int (KlassMemFuncs::*)(V&&...)) {}
%template(VariadicParms0) VariadicParms<>;
%template(VariadicParms1) VariadicParms<A>;
Also in various other places such as within noexcept specifiers:
template<typename T, typename... Args>
void emplace(Args &&... args) noexcept(
std::is_nothrow_constructible<T, Args &&...>::value);
2022-12-27: wsfulton
Fix instantiation of variadic class templates containing parameter pack arguments that
are function pointers.
template <typename... V> struct VariadicParms {
void ParmsFuncPtrVal(int (*)(V...)) {}
%template(VariadicParms0) VariadicParms<>;
%template(VariadicParms1) VariadicParms<A>;
2022-12-23: wsfulton
#1863 Fix syntax error parsing variadic templates containing parameter pack arguments that
are function pointers.
2022-12-22: wsfulton
Complete support for C++11 variadic class templates. Support was previously limited
to just one template parameter. Now zero or more template parameters are supported.
2022-12-06: wsfulton
#1636 Fix syntax error for misplaced Doxygen comment after struct/class member.
Fix syntax error using Doxygen member groups syntax, "///*}", when used after
final struct/class member.
2022-12-05: wsfulton
#2023 Fix garbled Doxygen post comments in parameter lists.
Fix syntax error parsing a trailing Doxygen comment in parameter lists.
2022-12-03: wsfulton
#1609 Fix syntax error parsing of Doxygen comments after last enum item.
2022-12-03: wsfulton
#1715 Fix syntax error parsing of unconventionally placed Doxygen post
comments for enum items.
2022-12-02: wsfulton
#624 #1021 Improved template template parameters support. Previously, specifying more
than one simple template template parameter resulted in a parse error. Now
multiple template template parameters are working including instantiation with
%template. Example:
template <template<template<class> class, class> class Op, template<class> class X, class Y>
class C { ... };
2022-11-26: wsfulton
#1589 #1590 Slightly better decltype() support for expressions, such as:
int i,j;
... decltype(i+j) ...
... decltype(&i) ...
These result in a warning for non-trivial expressions which SWIG cannot evaluate:
Warning 344: Unable to deduce decltype for 'i+j'.
See 'Type Inference' in CPlusPlus.html for workarounds.
2022-11-22: wsfulton
#366 #1037 Fix seg fault handling template parameter expressions
containing '<=' or '>='.
2022-11-18: wsfulton
Duplicate class template instantiations via %template now issue a warning and are ignored.
%template(Aint) A<int>;
%template(Aint2) A<int>; // Now ignored and issues a warning
example.i:7: Warning 404: Duplicate template instantiation of 'A< int >' with name 'Aint2' ignored,
example.i:6: Warning 404: previous instantiation of 'A< int >' with name 'Aint'.
A single empty template instantiation before a named instantiation is the one exception
for allowing duplicate template instantiations as the empty template instantation does not
create a wrapper for the template, it merely adds the instantiation into SWIG's internal
type system.
Duplicate empty template instantiations are quietly ignored.
%template() B<int>;
%template(Bint) B<int>; // OK
%template() C<int>;
%template() C<int>; // Quietly ignored now
%template(Cint) C<int>; // OK
Note that default template parameters are considered when looking for duplicates such as:
template <typename T, typename U = short> struct D {};
%template(Dint) D<int>;
%template(Dintshort) D<int, short>;
example.i:7: Warning 404: Duplicate template instantiation of 'D< int,short >' with name 'Dintshort' ignored,
example.i:6: Warning 404: previous instantiation of 'D< int >' with name 'Dint'.
Note that the following always was ignored, but that was because the chosen name was a
duplicate rather than the template being a duplicate:
%template(Eint) E<int>;
%template(Eint) E<int>; // Always has been ignored as a redefined identifier
The old warning was:
example.i:7: Warning 302: Identifier 'Eint' redefined (ignored) (Renamed from 'E< int >'),
example.i:6: Warning 302: previous definition of 'Eint' (Renamed from 'E< int >').