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usage() {
echo "Helper script to build PCRE2 as a static library from a tarball just for use during the"
echo "SWIG build. It does not install PCRE2 for global use on your system."
echo "Usage: [--help] [args]"
echo " args - optional additional arguments passed on to the PCRE2 configure script (leave out"
echo " unless you are an expert at configure)"
echo " --help - Display this help information."
echo "Instructions:"
echo " - Download the latest PCRE2 source tarball from and place in the"
echo " directory that you will configure and build SWIG."
echo " - Run this script in the same directory that you intend to configure and build SWIG in."
echo " This will configure and build PCRE2 as a static library."
echo " - Afterwards run the SWIG configure script which will then find and use the PCRE static"
echo " libraries in the $pcre_subdir subdirectory."
exit 0
bail() {
echo $1 >&2
exit 1
if test "$1" = "-h" -o "$1" = "-help" -o "$1" = "--help" ; then
if test -f "" ; then
echo "Error: this script should not be run in the Tools directory" >&2
echo ""
echo "Looking for PCRE2 tarball..."
rm -rf pcre
pcre_tarball=`ls pcre2-*.tar*`
test -n "$pcre_tarball" || bail "Could not find tarball matching pattern: pcre2-*.tar*"
test -f "$pcre_tarball" || bail "Could not find a single PCRE2 tarball. Found: $pcre_tarball"
echo "Extracting tarball: $pcre_tarball"
tar -xf $pcre_tarball || bail "Could not untar $pcre_tarball"
pcre_dir=`echo $pcre_tarball | sed -e "s/\.tar.*//"`
echo "Configuring PCRE in directory: pcre"
mv $pcre_dir pcre || bail "Could not create pcre directory"
cd pcre && ./configure --prefix=$pcre_install_dir --disable-shared $* || bail "PCRE2 configure failed"
echo "Building PCRE2..."
${MAKE:-make} -s || bail "Could not build PCRE2"
echo "Installing PCRE2 locally to $pcre_install_dir..."
${MAKE:-make} -s install || bail "Could not install PCRE2"
echo ""
echo "The SWIG configure script can now be run, whereupon PCRE2 will automatically be detected and used from $pcre_install_dir/bin/pcre-config."