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Below are the changes for the current release.
See the CHANGES file for changes in older releases.
See the RELEASENOTES file for a summary of changes in each release.
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Version 4.1.0 (24 Oct 2022)
2022-10-24: wsfulton, AndLLA
[R] #2386 Fix problems in shared_ptr wrappers where the class names
were not consistent when using the shared_ptr template or the actual
underlying type.
2022-10-24: wsfulton
[R] Add support for special variable replacement in the $typemap()
special variable macro for R specific typemaps (rtype, rtypecheck,
scoercein, scoereout).
2022-10-24: wsfulton
[R] Polymorphism in the wrappers was only working for C++ classes,
now this works for C++ structs too.
2022-10-19: olly
[Lua] #2126 Fix type resolution between multiple SWIG-wrapped
2022-10-17: wsfulton
[R] #2385 Add support for std::vector<std::vector<std::string>>.
2022-10-14: murillo128
[Javascript] #2109 Tweak unsigned long and unsigned long long typemaps
to create a v8::Number instead of v8::Integer if the value exceeds
the size of v8::Integer. Note that the v8::Number value will be
imprecise if the value is > MAX_SAFE_INTEGER.
2022-10-14: olly
[R] Arrange that destructors of local C++ objects in the wrapper
function get run on SWIG_fail (which calls Rf_error() which calls
2022-10-14: olly
[Lua] Arrange that destructors of local C++ objects in the wrapper
function get run on SWIG_fail (which calls lua_error() which calls
2022-10-13: wsfulton
[R] Add missing SWIGTYPE *const& typemaps for supporting pointers
by const reference.
2022-10-10: wsfulton
#2160 Fix compile error when using templates with more than one template
parameter and used as an input parameter in a virtual method in a
director class (problem affecting most of the scripting languages).
2022-10-10: treitmayr, wsfulton
[Python, Ruby] #1811 #1823 Fix invalid code generated in some cases when
returning a pointer or reference to a director-enabled class instance.
This previously only worked in very simple cases, now return types are
resolved to fix. A bug in template instantiations using pointers also
works now.
2022-10-06: wsfulton
[CFFI] #1966 #2200 Remove code for Common Lisp CFFI. We dropped support
for it in SWIG 4.0.0 by disabling it as the first stage. This is the
final stage for complete removal as there has been no meaningful
progress to revive it to the status of experimental language.
2022-10-06: olly
[Python] #2390 Remove deprecated and apparently useless defarg.swg
The only documentation is in the file itself and describes a Python
wrapper around the C function defined here, but digging though the
git history this Python wrapper doesn't seem to have ever actually
been generated by SWIG.
This file was also marked as deprecated in 2005.
2022-10-06: wsfulton
[Java] #2048 Fix quoting for doxygen \image command to quote the output
file name generated into the html src attribute.
2022-10-05: benjamin-sch
[Python] added an interpreter counter to fix deinitialization
issues if multiple subinterpreters are used
2022-10-05: olly, wsfulton
#672 Add support for parsing C++11 final classes such as:
class X final {};
This no longer gives a syntax error.
2022-10-05: wsfulton
[OCaml] Fix %rename for enum items. Previously the rename had no effect.
2022-10-05: olly
#1465 Report errors in preprocessor expressions by default
Until now SWIG quietly ignored such errors unless -Wextra (or -Wall
which implies -Wextra) was passed, but this is unhelpful as it tends
to hide genuine problems. To illustrate this point, enabling this
warning by default revealed a typo in the preproc_defined.i
testcase in SWIG's own testsuite.
If you really don't want to see this warning, you can suppress it
with command line option -w202 or by using this in your interface
Both will work with older versions of SWIG too.
2022-10-04: olly
#1050 Consistently define SWIG_VERSION both at SWIG-time and in
the generated wrapper. Best practice remains to check at SWIG-time
where possible because that results in smaller generated wrapper
SWIGGO and SWIGJAVASCRIPT are now defined in the generated wrappers
to match behaviour for all other target languages.
The undocumented SWIGVERSION macro is no longer defined.
2022-09-29: olly
#2303 SWIG's internal hash tables now use a better hash function.
The old hash function only considerd the last five characters
plus the least significant bit of the last-but-sixth character,
which as you might guess generated a lot of many-way collisions.
This change seems to give about a 4% reduction in wallclock time
for processing li_std_list_wrap.i from the testsuite for Python.
The hash collision rate for this example drops from 39% to 0!
2022-09-29: wsfulton
#2303 Type tables are now output in a fixed order whereas previously
the order may change with any minor input code change. This shouldn't
affect users except SWIG_TypePrettyName may output a different C/C++
typedef to a type - it's used mostly for showing errors when the type
passed to a function is wrong.
2022-09-29: olly
[PHP] Dynamic class properties are no longer supported by default.
Historically PHP has supported dynamic class properties and SWIG
has implemented them too (because we implement the magic __get(),
__set() and __isset() methods we need to include explicit
PHP 8.2 deprecates dynamic class properties - initially they'll
warn, and apparently they'll not work by default in PHP 9.0:
In PHP code dynamic properties can be enabled for a class by
marking that class with the attribute `#[AllowDynamicProperties]`.
To follow this PHP change, in SWIG you now need to specify
`%feature("php:allowdynamicproperties", 1) Foo;` (or
`%feature("php:allowdynamicproperties", 1)` to enable it for
all wrapped classes). Unknown features are ignored, so you can add
it unconditionally and it'll work with older SWIG too.
2022-09-19: wsfulton
#1484 Fixes for class inheritance with the same name in different namespaces
such as:
namespace A { class Bar {}; }
namespace B { template<typename T, typename U> class Bar : public A::Bar {}; }
2022-09-19: wsfulton
#2316 Remove swig.spec file and srcrpm makefile target. These are very out of date
and don't seem to be used by RPM based Linux distributions which have their
own version of swig.spec.
2022-09-17: wsfulton
[Go, Guile, Racket, Scilab] Add throws typemaps for std::string so that thrown
string exception messages can be seen.
2022-09-17: wsfulton
[Racket] Add throws typemaps for char * so that thrown string exception
messages can be seen from Racket.
2022-09-17: wsfulton
[Javascript, Octave, R] Improve exceptions for %catches and exception
specifications for native types. String exception messages are shown as
the exception message instead of just the type of the exception.
2022-09-17: wsfulton
Add missing typecheck typemaps for std::auto_ptr and std::unique_ptr to
fix overloading when using these types.
2022-09-17: wsfulton
[Guile] Add error checking to SWIGTYPE and SWIGTYPE & in typemaps to prevent
seg faults when passing #nil to these parameter types.
2022-09-16: wsfulton
#999 Provide SWIGTYPE MOVE typemaps in swigmove.i for implementing full
move semantics when passing parameters by value.
2022-08-31: wsfulton
#999 Improve move semantics when using rvalue references.
The SWIGTYPE && input typemaps now assume the object has been moved.
These typemaps have been changed assuming that after the function call,
the rvalue reference parameter has been moved. The parameter's proxy class
that owns the C++ object thus has the underlying pointer set to null
so that the (moved from, but still valid) C++ object cannot be used again
and the object is additionally deleted.
2022-08-28: wsfulton
[Octave] SWIG now marshals a C/C++ NULL pointer into the null matrix, [].
SWIG has always marshalled the null matrix into a NULL pointer; this remains
and now we have consistency in representing a NULL pointer.
2022-08-26: wsfulton
[Racket] SWIG now marshals a C/C++ NULL pointer into a null value by calling
scheme_make_null(), so that scheme's null? is true for a NULL C/C++ pointer value.
2022-08-18: wsfulton
[Racket] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-08-13: wsfulton
[Guile] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-08-11: wsfulton
[Lua] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-08-05: wsfulton
[D] Fix occasional undefined behaviour with inheritance hierarchies, particularly
when using virtual inheritance as the pointers weren't correctly upcast from derived
class to base class when stored in the base's proxy class.
2022-08-05: wsfulton
[D] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-08-03: wsfulton
[Javascript] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-08-02: wsfulton
[Octave] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-08-01: wsfulton
[Python] Add initialisers for additional members in PyHeapTypeObject
(builtin mode) for Python-3.11 - _ht_tpname, _spec_cache.
2022-07-30: wsfulton
C++20 has deprecated std::basic_string<>::reserve() and the C++11 method
std::basic_string<>::shrink_to_fit() is a replacement that can be used.
std_string.i and std_wstring.i provided wrappers for reserve with the following
template instantiations:
%template(string) std::basic_string<char>;
%template(wstring) std::basic_string<wchar_t>;
The reserve method is no longer wrapped, however the shrink_to_fit() method
can be used as an alternative from the target language (the generated wrappers
call reserve() instead if C++<=20).
Note that std::basic_string<>::reserve(size_t n) is still wrapped unchanged.
2022-07-30: wsfulton
[Tcl] Add support for std::unique_ptr in std_unique_ptr.i.
Add support for std::auto_ptr in std_auto_ptr.i.
2022-07-27: ZackerySpytz, olly
#1678 Support parsing C++20 templated lambdas.
2022-07-27: ZackerySpytz, olly
#1622 Add support for the C++20 spaceship operator (<=>).
2022-07-26: olly
Fix handling of long long on 32-bit platforms. This fix raises
SWIG's minimum supported Tcl version to 8.4.0 (which was released
just under 20 years ago).
2022-07-26: olly
Fix incorrect operator precedence in preprocessor expressions.
2022-07-25: olly
Support for C++14 binary integer literals in preprocessor expressions.
2022-07-20: wsfulton
[C#, Java] Ensure the order of interfaces generated in proxy interfaces for the
%interface family of macros is the same as that parsed from the bases in C++.
2022-07-20: jicks, Ingener74, olly
#422 [Python] Fix mishandling of a Python class inheriting from
multiple SWIG-wrapped director classes.
2022-07-19: wsfulton
#692 [C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby] std::unique_ptr and std::auto_ptr typemaps
provided for inputs types in std_unique_ptr.i and std_auto_ptr.i.
Now these smart pointers can be used as input parameters to functions. A proxy
class instance transfers memory ownership of the underlying C++ object from the
proxy class to a smart pointer instance passed to the wrapped function.
2022-07-19: jschueller
[Python] #2314 Drop support for Python 3.2.
2022-07-19: olly
Remove remaining support code for classic macos, which has not been
supported by Apple for over 20 years now.
2022-07-12: wsfulton
#999 Performance optimisation for parameters passed by value that are C++11 movable.
The C++ wrappers create a temporary variable for a parameter to be passed to a
function. This is initially default constructed and then copy assigned from the
instance being passed in from the target language. This is unchanged, however,
when the temporary variable is passed to the wrapped function, it is now done using
std::move. If the type is move constructible, the move constructor will be used
instead of the copy constructor.
2022-07-12: wsfulton
[Perl] Add std::auto_ptr support in std_auto_ptr.i library file.
2022-07-12: erezgeva
[Perl] Add std::unique_ptr support in std_unique_ptr.i library file.
2022-07-07: jmarrec
#1158 #2286 Add basic support for C++11 attributes. These are now
crudely ignored by SWIG's parser's tokeniser, which is better that
failing with a parse error.
2022-07-05: ianlancetaylor
[Go] #2245 Handle NULL pointers for string* conversions.
Rearrange generation of director methods and rename
receiver argument from p to swig_p.
2022-07-03: wsfulton
#999 Performance optimisation for directors for classes passed by value. The directorin
typemaps in the director methods now use std::move on the input parameter when
copying the object from the stack to the heap prior to the callback into the target
language, thereby taking advantage of move semantics if available.
2022-07-02: wsfulton
#1722 [C#, Java, Python, Ruby] Add std::unique_ptr support. Ported from std::auto_ptr.
Use the %unique_ptr(T) macro as follows for usage std::unique_ptr<T>. For example, for
a class called Klass:
%include "std_unique_ptr.i"
Support is currently limited to only returning a std::unique_ptr from a function.
2022-06-29: wsfulton
#999 #1044 Enhance SWIGTYPE "out" typemaps to use std::move when copying
objects, thereby making use of move semantics when wrapping a function returning
by value if the returned type supports move semantics.
Wrapping functions that return move only types 'by value' now work out the box
without having to provide custom typemaps.
The implementation removed all casts in the "out" typemaps to allow the compiler to
appropriately choose calling a move constructor, where possible, otherwise a copy
constructor. The implementation also required modifying SwigValueWrapper to
change a cast operator from:
SwigValueWrapper::operator T&() const;
#if __cplusplus >=201103L
SwigValueWrapper::operator T&&() const;
SwigValueWrapper::operator T&() const;
This is not backwards compatible for C++11 and later when using the valuewrapper feature
if a cast is explicitly being made in user supplied "out" typemaps. Suggested change
in custom "out" typemaps for C++11 and later code:
1. Try remove the cast altogether to let the compiler use an appropriate implicit cast.
2. Change the cast, for example, from static_cast<X &> to static_cast<X &&>, using the
__cplusplus macro if all versions of C++ need to be supported.
2022-06-15: wsfulton
#2039 Add move assignment operator to SwigValueWrapper used by the
valuewrapper feature.
2022-06-04: sethrj
Enhance $typemap to support typemap attributes.
$typemap(method:attribute, typepattern)
For example:
%typemap(cstype, out="object") XClass "XClass"
%typemap(cscode) BarClass %{
$typemap(cstype:out, XClass) bar() {
return null;
which expands to
object bar() {
return null;
2022-05-30: wsfulton
[C#, D] Add new special variable expansion: $imfuncname.
Expands to the function name called in the intermediary class.
2022-05-30: LindleyF
[Java] #2042 Add new special variable expansion: $imfuncname.
Expands to the function name called in the intermediary class.
2022-05-28: jkuebart
[Java] On some versions of Android, specifically Android 6,
detaching the current thread from the JVM after every invocation
causes a memory leak.
Offer SWIG_JAVA_DETACH_ON_THREAD_END to configure a behaviour
where the JVM is only detached in the thread destructor.
2022-05-27: xypron
[Python] #2277 Define PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro before #include "Python.h" as
recommended in Python 3.7 and later.
To avoid this macro definition, add the following to your interface file so
that SWIG_NO_PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN is defined at the beginning of the C++ wrappers:
%begin %{
2022-05-26: rokups
[C#] #1323 Modify SwigDerivedClassHasMethod for a more efficient director
implementation when calling virtual methods that are not overridden.
2022-05-15: erezgeva, eiselekd
[Lua, Perl, Octave, PHP, Tcl] #2275 #2276 #2283 Add argcargv.i library containing
(int ARGC, char **ARGV) multi-argument typemaps.
Document this library in Typemaps.html.
2022-05-07: KrisThielemans
[Python] Fix "too many initializers for 'PyHeapTypeObject'" errors
using PyPy 3.8 and later.
2022-05-04: wsfulton
[C#] Add C# wchar_t * director typemaps
2022-04-20: cminyard
Fix an issue where newlines were not properly generated
for godirectorin typemaps. If you have a virtual function
not assigned to zero, in some cases it won't generate a
newline and you will see errors:
example.go:1508:3: expected ';', found swig_r
when compiling the go code.
Also add an example of using goin and godirectorin and add
a test for this situation.
2022-04-29: jason-daly, JerryJoyce, wsfulton
[C#] #1233 Add wchar_t * and std::wstring Unicode string support on Linux.
2022-04-11: robinst
#2257 Fix new Ruby 3.2 warning "undefining the allocator of T_DATA
class swig_runtime_data".
2022-04-07: olly
#1750 SWIG now recognises and ignores Doxygen group commands `@{` and `@}`.
2022-04-06: wsfulton
./configure now enables C++11 and later C++ standards testing by default (when
running: 'make check').
The options to control this testing are the same:
./configure --enable-cpp11-testing
./configure --disable-cpp11-testing
But the former is now the default and the latter can be used to turn off C++11 and
later C++ standards testing.
2022-04-06: wsfulton
[Python] #1635 The "autodoc" feature no longer overrides Doxygen comments
in the generated docstring.
If a "docstring" feature is present it will still override a Doxygen comment.
If the "autodoc" feature is also present, the combined "autodoc" and "docstring"
will override the Doxygen comment. If no "docstring" is present then the
"autodoc" feature will not be generated when there is a Doxygen comment.
This way the "autodoc" feature can be specified and used to provide documentation
for 'missing' Doxygen comments.
2022-04-01: olly
Remove undocumented and non-functional -browse command line option.
2022-03-26: eltoder
[Python] #1684 Use different capsule names with and without -builtin
Types generated with and without -builtin are not compatible. Mixing
them in a common type list leads to crashes. Avoid this by using
different capsule names: "type_pointer_capsule" without -builtin and
"type_pointer_capsule_builtin" with.
2022-03-25: wsfulton
The debug command line options that display parse tree nodes
(-debug-module, -debug-top, -debug-symtabs) now display previously hidden
linked list pointers which are useful for debugging parse trees.
Added new command line option -debug-quiet. This suppresses the display
of most linked list pointers and symbol table pointers in the parse tree nodes.
The keys in the parse tree node are now shown in alphabetical order.
2022-03-24: wsfulton
#2244 Fix using declaration in derived class bugs when all the base
class's overloaded methods were overridden in the derived class -
fixes "multiply defined" errors.
2022-03-23: wsfulton
[Python] #1779 The -py3 option is deprecated and now has no effect on the
code generated. Use of this option results in a deprecated warning.
The related SWIGPYTHON_PY3 macro that this option defined is no longer generated.
Note that %pythonnondynamic feature generates a metaclass that works on both
Python 2 and Python 3.
2022-03-21: wsfulton
[Python] #1779 pyabc.i for abstract base classes now supports versions of
Python prior to 3.3 by using the collection module for these older versions.
Python-3.3 and later continue to use the module.
The -py3 option no longer has any effect on the %pythonabc feature.
2022-03-21: jschueller, jim-easterbrook, wsfulton
[Python] #2137 C++ static member functions no longer generate a "flattened"
name in the Python module. For example:
s = example.Spam() # Spam::foo() via an instance # Spam::foo() using class method
example.Spam_foo() # Spam::foo() "flattened" name
The "flattened" name is no longer generated, but can be generated
by using the new -flatstaticmethod option.
2022-03-18: ianlancetaylor
[Go] #337 Implement %extend base methods in child classes.
2022-03-17: olly
[Python] #1779 SWIG's Python test-suite and examples are now
run with Python 3 by default. To run them with Python 2, set
PY2 to a non-empty value, e.g.:
make check-python-test-suite PY2=1
2022-03-16: olly
[Go] #683 -intgosize is now optional - if not specified the
generated C/C++ wrapper code will use ptrdiff_t for intgo and
size_t for uintgo.
2022-03-15: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add typemaps for std::string*.
2022-03-15: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Don't convert arrays to pointers if there is a "gotype"
typemap entry.
2022-03-15: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add documentation note about Go and C++ exceptions.
2022-03-12: wsfulton
#1524 %interface family of macros no longer contain the getter/setter
methods for wrapping variables. The interface only contains
virtual and non-virtual instance methods, that is, no static methods.
Enums are also no longer added to the interface (affects Java only where
they were missing from the proxy class, C# never had them in the interface).
2022-03-12: wsfulton
#1277 Fixes for the family of %interface macros, %interface,
%interface_impl and %interface_custom fixes for overloaded methods
in an inheritance chain.
When C++ methods are not able to be overloaded in a derived class,
such as when they differ by just const, or the target language
parameters types are identical even when the C++ parameter types
are different, SWIG will ignore one of the overloaded methods with
a warning. A %ignore is required to explicitly ignore one of the
overloaded methods to avoid the warning message. Methods added
in the derived classes due to one of the %interface macros are now
similarly ignored/not added to the derived class.
The methods added to the derived classes can now also be modified
via %feature and %rename.
2022-03-08: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Treat a nil argument as a NULL pointer.
2022-03-08: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add documentation notes about thread local storage.
2022-03-08: olly
#1006 SWIG now copes with an interface filename specified on the
command line which contains a closing parenthesis `)`, and more
generally with attributes to `%include` and `%import` which
are quoted and contain parentheses.
2022-03-07: Omar Medina
Fix SWIG_AsWCharPtrAndSize() to actually assign to result
variable. It looks like SWIG/Tcl wide character handling is
currently fundamentally broken except on systems which use wide
characters as the system encoding, but this should fix wrapping
functions which take a wide string as a parameter on Microsoft
2022-03-07: olly
[Javascript] #682 Fix handling of functions which take void*.
2022-03-06: olly
SWIG should now reliably exit with status 0 if the run was
successful and status 1 if there was an error (or a warning and
-Werror was in effect).
Previously in some situations SWIG would try to exit with the
status set to the number of errors encountered, but that's
problematic - for example if there were 256 errors this would
result in exit status 0 on most platforms. Also some error
statuses have special meanings e.g. those defined by <sysexits.h>.
Also SWIG/Javascript tried to exit with status -1 in a few places
(which typically results in exit status 255).
2022-03-05: wsfulton
#1441 Fix using declaration in derived class incorrectly introducing a method
from a base class when the using declaration is declared before the method
declaration. Problem occurred when within a namespace and the parameter types
in the method signatures were not fully qualified.
2022-03-05: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Treat non-const references as pointers.
2022-03-05: ianlancetaylor
In SWIG Go testsuite, fail test if "go build" fails.
2022-03-03: olly
#1901 #2223 SWIG should now always exit cleanly if memory
allocation fails, including removing any output files created
during the current run.
Previously most places in the code didn't check for a NULL return
from malloc()/realloc()/calloc() at all, typically resulting in
undefined behaviour; some places used assert() to check for a NULL
return (which is a misuse of assert() and such checks disappear if
built with NDEBUG defined leaving us back with undefined
2022-03-03: olly
#891 Report errors for typemap attributes without a value
(previously SWIG segfaulted) and for typemap types with a value
(previously the value was quietly ignored).
The old way of specifying a language name in the typemap attributes
is no longer supported (it has been deprecated for 16 years).
2022-03-02: geographika, wsfulton
[Python] #1951 Add Python variable annotations support.
Both function annotations and variable annotations are turned on using the
"python:annotations" feature. Example:
%feature("python:annotations", "c");
struct V {
float val;
The generated code contains a variable annotation containing the C float type:
class V(object):
val: "float" = property(_example.V_val_get, _example.V_val_set)
Python 3.5 and earlier do not support variable annotations, so variable
annotations can be turned off with a "python:annotations:novar" feature flag.
Example turning on function annotations but not variable annotations globally:
%feature("python:annotations", "c");
or via the command line:
-features python:annotations=c,python:annotations:novar
2022-02-27: wsfulton
[Python] #735 #1561 Function annotations containing C/C++ types are no longer
generated when using the -py3 option. Function annotations support has been
moved to a feature to provide finer grained control. It can be turned on
globally by adding:
%feature("python:annotations", "c");
or by using the command line argument:
-features python:annotations=c
Also see entry dated 2022-03-02, regarding variable annotations.
2022-02-26: wsfulton
#655 #1840 Add new warning WARN_LANG_USING_NAME_DIFFERENT to warn when a
method introduced by a using declaration in a derived class cannot
be used due to a conflict in names.
2022-02-24: olly
#1465 An invalid preprocessor expression is reported as a pair of
warnings with the second giving a more detailed message from the
expression evaluator. Previously SWIG prefixed the second message
with "Error:" - that was confusing as it's actually only a warning
by default so we've now dropped this prefix.
x.i:1: Warning 202: Could not evaluate expression '1.2'
x.i:1: Warning 202: Error: 'Floating point constant in preprocessor expression'
x.i:1: Warning 202: Could not evaluate expression '1.2'
x.i:1: Warning 202: Floating point constant in preprocessor expression
2022-02-23: olly
#1384 Fix a preprocessor expression evaluation bug. A
subexpression in parentheses lost its string/int type flag and
instead used whatever type was left in the stack entry from
previous use. In practice we mostly got away with this because
most preprocessor expressions are integer, but it could have
resulted in a preprocessor expression incorrectly evaluating as
zero. If -Wextra was in use you got a warning:
Warning 202: Error: 'Can't mix strings and integers in expression'
2022-02-21: davidcl
[Scilab] Improve 5.5.2, 6.0.0 and 6.1.0 support.
For Scilab 5, long names are reduced to small names preserving the
class prefix and accessor suffix (get or set).
For Scilab 6, long names with the class prefix and accessor suffix
should be used on the user code.
The `-targetversion` option has been removed as the generated code
now detects the Scilab version in loader.sce or builder.sce.
2022-02-20: wsfulton
Fix %warnfilter warning suppress for warning 315 SWIGWARN_PARSE_USING_UNDEF.
2022-02-17: olly
Fix to call cleanup code in exception situations and not to invoke
the freearg typemap twice in certain situations.
2022-02-15: olly
#300 #368 Improve parser handling of % followed immediately by
an identifier. If it's not a recognised directive the scanner
now emits MODULO and then rescans what follows, and if the parser
then gives a syntax error we report it as an unknown directive.
This means that `a%b` is now allowed in an expression, and that
things like `%std::vector<std::string>` now give an error rather
than being quietly ignored.
2022-02-11: adr26
[Python] #2154 Fix memory leak.
SWIG python objects were being freed after the corresponding SWIG
module information was destroyed in Python 3, causing leaks when as
a result the object destructor could not be invoked. To prevent this
misordering, SWIG python objects now obtain a reference to the
Python capsule wrapping the module information, so that the module
information is correctly destroyed after all SWIG python objects
have been freed (and corresponding destructors invoked).
2022-02-10: olly
Fix Tcl generic input typemap for std::vector.
2022-02-07: sethrj
#2196 Add alternative syntax for specifying fragments in typemaps.
New syntax:
%typemap("in", fragment="frag1", fragment="frag2", fragment="frag3") {...}
which is equivalent to:
%typemap(in, fragment="frag1,frag2,frag3") {...}
2022-02-07: olly
#1806 Remove support for the "command" encoder, which was mostly
intended for use in `%rename` - most uses can be achieved using
the "regex" encoder, so we recommend using that instead.
The "command" encoder suffers from a number of issues - as the
documentation for it admitted, "[it] is extremely slow compared to
all the other [encoders] as it involves spawning a separate process
and using it for many declarations is not recommended" and that it
"should generally be avoided because of performance
But it's also not portable. The design assumes that `/bin/sh`
supports `<<<` but that's a bash-specific feature so it doesn't
work on platforms where `/bin/sh` is not bash - it fails on
Debian, Ubuntu and probably some other Linux distros, plus most
non-Linux platforms. Microsoft Windows doesn't even have a
/bin/sh as standard.
Finally, no escaping of the passed string is done, so it has
potential security issues (though at least with %rename the input
is limited to valid C/C++ symbol names).
2022-02-06: olly
#2193 -DFOO on the SWIG command line now sets FOO to 1 for
consistency with C/C++ compiler preprocessors. Previously
SWIG set FOO to an empty value.
Existing invocations of SWIG with `-DFOO` where the empty value
matters can be updated to `-DFOO=` which should work with both
old and new releases of SWIG.
2022-02-06: sethrj
#2194 Classes that are non-assignable due to const data or const
reference members are now automatically detected.
2022-02-04: friedrichatgc
[Octave] #1672 Fix for isobject for Octave 4.4 - 6.0.
2022-02-03: olly
[C#] #283 #998 Fix memory leak in directorin typemap for
2022-02-03: olly
[Python] #967 Make `self` parameter available to user typemaps.
2022-02-03: teythoon
[Python] #801 Fix -Wunused-parameter warnings with builtin,
2022-02-03: teythoon
#801 Fix -Wstrict-prototypes warnings in generated pointer
2022-02-03: olly
Default parameter values containing method calls are now parsed and
handled - e.g. `x->foo(3,4)` and `y.z()`.
2022-02-02: olly
[Ruby] Fix remove of prefix
from method name to only remove it at the start.
2022-02-01: olly
#231 Handle returning an object by reference in a C++ trailing
return type.
2022-02-01: davidcl
[Scilab] #745 use SWIG_<module>_Init() as a C module init function.
2022-02-01: olly
[OCaml] #2083 Fix to work when CAML_SAFE_STRING is on, which it is
by default in recent Ocaml releases.
2022-01-31: mreeez
Fix copyToR() generated for a struct in a namespace.
2022-01-29: fschlimb
#655 Better handling of using declarations.
2022-01-29: dontpanic92
[Go] #676 Fix code generated for a C++ class with a non-capitalised
2022-01-26: trex58
#1919 #1921 #1923 Various fixes for AIX portability.
2022-01-26: olly
#1935 Don't crash on an unclosed HTML tag in a doxygen comment
when -doxygen is specified.
2022-01-25: olly
Constant expressions now support member access with `.` such as
``. Previous this only worked in a case like `x->`.
2022-01-25: olly
#2091 Support most cases of `sizeof` applied to an expression
in constant expressions. Previously there was only support for
`sizeof(<type>)` and expressions which syntactically look like a
type (such as `sizeof(foo)`).
2022-01-25: olly
#80 #635
Add support for parsing common cases of `<` and `>` comparisons
in constant expressions. Adding full support for these seems hard
to do without introducing conflicts into the parser grammar, but in
fact all reported cases have had parentheses around the comparison
and we can support that with a few restrictions on the left side of
2022-01-25: wsfulton
New warning 327 for extern templates, eg:
extern template class std::vector<int>;
extern template void Func<int>();
results in warning
example.i:3: Warning 327: Extern template ignored.
example.i:4: Warning 327: Extern template ignored.
Extern template classes previously resulted in warning 320.
2022-01-24: romintomasetti
#2131 #2157 C++11 extern function template parsing error fix.
2022-01-21: wsfulton
#2120 #2138 Replace legacy PCRE dependency with PCRE2.
This requires changes for building SWIG from source. See updated
html documentation in Preface.html and Windows.html. Updated
instructions are also shown when running ./configure if PCRE2 is not
found. Note that debian based systems can install PCRE2 using:
apt install libpcre2-dev
Note that also has
updated information for building from source.
2022-01-19: olly
[PHP] #2027 Automatically generate PHP type declarations for PHP 8.
The generate code still compiles for PHP 7.x, but without type
declarations since PHP 7.x has much more limited type declaration
2022-01-18: olly
[Perl] #1629 Perl 5.8.0 is now the oldest version we aim to support.
2022-01-14: wsfulton
[Python] Fix %callback and specifying the callback function as a
static member function using Python staticmethod syntax, such as
Klass.memberfunction instead of Klass_memberfunction when using
-builtin and -fastproxy.
2022-01-11: wsfulton
[Python] Accept keyword arguments accessing static member functions when
using -builtin and kwargs feature and Python class staticmethod syntax.
The missing keyword argument support was only when using the
class staticmethod syntax, such as Klass.memberfunction, and not when
using the flat static method syntax, such as Klass_memberfunction.
2022-01-04: juierror
[Go] #2045 Add support for std::array in std_array.i.
2021-12-18: olly
[PHP] Add PHP keyword 'readonly' (added in 8.1) to the list SWIG
knows to automatically rename. This keyword is special in that PHP
allows it to be used as a function (or method) name.
2021-12-07: vstinner
[Python] #2116 Python 3.11 support: use Py_SET_TYPE()
2021-12-05: rwf1
[Octave] #2020 #1893 Add support for Octave 6 up to and including 6.4.
Also add support for compiling with -Bsymbolic which is used by default
by mkoctfile.
2021-12-02: jsenn
[Python] #2102 Fixed crashes when using embedded Python interpreters.
2021-11-12: wsfulton
[Javascript] v8 and node only. Fix mismatched new char[] and free()
when wrapping C code char arrays. Now calloc is now used instead of
new char[] in SWIG_AsCharPtrAndSize.
2021-10-03: ajrh1
[Perl] #2074: Avoid -Wmisleading-indentation in generated code
when using gcc11.
2021-10-03: jschueller
[CMake] #2065: Add option to enable or disable PCRE support.
2021-09-16: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Improved _cgo_panic implementation.
2021-09-16: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Don't use crosscall2 for panicking. Instead rely on documented
and exported interfaces.
2021-09-14: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Remove -no-cgo option (long unsupported in Go)
2021-05-04: olly
[PHP] #2014 Throw PHP exceptions instead of using PHP errors
PHP exceptions can be caught and handled if desired, but if they
aren't caught then PHP exits in much the same way as it does for a
PHP error.
In particular this means parameter type errors and some other cases
in SWIG-generated wrappers now throw a PHP exception, which matches
how PHP's native parameter handling deals with similar situations.
`SWIG_ErrorCode()`, `SWIG_ErrorMsg()`, `SWIG_FAIL()` and `goto thrown;`
are no longer supported (these are really all internal implementation
details and none are documented aside from brief mentions in CHANGES
for the first three). I wasn't able to find any uses in user interface
files at least in FOSS code via code search tools.
If you are using these:
Use `SWIG_PHP_Error(code,msg);` instead of `SWIG_ErrorCode(code);
SWIG_ErrorMsg(msg);` (which will throw a PHP exception in SWIG >= 4.1
and do the same as the individual calls in older SWIG).
`SWIG_FAIL();` and `goto thrown;` can typically be replaced with
`SWIG_fail;`. This will probably also work with older SWIG, but
please test with your wrappers if this is important to you.
2021-05-17: adr26
[Python] #1985 Fix memory leaks:
1. Python object references were being incorrectly retained by
SwigPyClientData, causing swig_varlink_dealloc() never to run / free
memory. SwigPyClientData_New() / SwigPyClientData_Del() were updated
to fix the object reference counting, causing swig_varlink_dealloc()
to run and the memory swig_varlink owns to be freed.
2. SwigPyClientData itself was not freed by SwigPyClientData_Del(),
causing another heap leak. The required free() was added to
3. Fix reference counting/leak of python cached type query
4. Fix reference counting/leak of SwigPyObject dict (-builtin)
5. Python object reference counting fixes for out-of-memory
scenarios were added to: SWIG_Python_RaiseOrModifyTypeError(),
SWIG_Python_AppendOutput(), SwigPyClientData_New(),
SwigPyObject_get___dict__() and SwigPyObject_format()
6. Add error handling for PyModule_AddObject() to
SWIG_Python_SetModule() (failure could be caused by OOM or a name
clash caused by malicious code)
2021-05-13: olly
[UFFI] #2009 Remove code for Common Lisp UFFI. We dropped support
for it in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to revive it in
over 2 years.
2021-05-13: olly
[S-EXP] #2009 Remove code for Common Lisp S-Exp. We dropped
support for it in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to
revive it in over 2 years.
2021-05-13: olly
[Pike] #2009 Remove code for Pike. We dropped support for it in
SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to revive it in over 2
2021-05-13: olly
[Modula3] #2009 Remove code for Modula3. We dropped support for it
in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to revive it in over 2
2021-05-13: olly
[CLISP] #2009 Remove code for GNU Common Lisp. We dropped support
for it in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to revive it in
over 2 years.
2021-05-13: olly
[Chicken] #2009 Remove code for Chicken. We dropped support for it
in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to revive it in over 2
2021-05-13: olly
[Allegrocl] #2009 Remove code for Allegro Common Lisp. We dropped
support for it in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to
revive it in over 2 years.
2021-05-04: olly
[PHP] #1982 #1457
SWIG now only use PHP's C API to implement its wrappers, and no
longer generates PHP code to define classes. The wrappers should
be almost entirely compatible with those generated before, but
faster and without some previously hard-to-fix bugs.
The main notable difference is SWIG no longer generates a .php
wrapper at all by default (only if %pragma(php) code=... or
%pragma(php) include=... are specified in the interface file).
This also means you need to load the module via extension=...
in php.ini, rather than letting the dl() in the generated
.php wrapper load it (but dl() has only worked for command-line
PHP for some years now).
2021-04-30: olly
#1984 Remove support for $source and $target.
These were officially deprecated in 2001, and attempts to use them have
resulted in a warning (including a pointer to what to update them to)
for most if not all of that time.
2021-04-27: wsfulton
#1987 [Java] Fix %interface family of macros for returning by const
pointer reference.
2021-04-19: olly
Fix use of uninitialised variable in the generated code for an
empty typecheck typemap, such as the dummy one we include for
2021-04-12: olly
#1777 [Python] Specifying -py3 now generates a check for Python
version >= 3.0.
2021-03-26: olly
[PHP] Add PHP keywords 'fn' (added in 7.4) and 'match' (added in
8.0) to the list SWIG knows to automatically rename.
2021-03-23: wsfulton
#1942 [Python] Fix compilation error in wrappers when using -builtin
and wrapping varargs in constructors.
2021-03-22: goto40
#1977 Fix handling of template template parameters.
2021-03-21: olly
#1929, #1978 [PHP] Add support for PHP 8.
2021-03-19: wsfulton
#1610 Remove -ansi from default compilation flags.
2021-03-19: dot-asm
#1934 [Java] Clean up typemaps for long long arrays.
2021-03-19: olly
#1527 [PHP] Improve PHP object creation in directorin case.
Reportedly the code we were using in this case gave segfaults in
PHP 7.2 and later - we've been unable to reproduce these, but the
new approach is also simpler and should be bit faster too.
2021-03-18: olly
#1655 [PHP] Fix char* typecheck typemap to accept PHP Null like the
corresponding in typemap does.
2021-03-18: olly
#1900, #1905 [PHP] Fix wrapping of overloaded directed methods with
non-void return.
2021-03-11: murillo128
#1498 [Javascript] Support type conversion.
2021-03-06: nshmyrev
#872 [Javascript] Various typemap issues in arrays_javascript.i fixed.
2021-03-03: vaughamhong
#577 [Javascript] Implemented SetModule/GetModule for JSC to allow type sharing
across modules.
2021-03-01: xantares, Oliver Buchtala, geographika
#1040 Add support for building SWIG with CMake. See documentation in Windows.html.
2021-03-01: vadz
#1952 Fix incorrect warning "Unknown Doxygen command: ."
2021-02-28: p2k
#969 [Javascript] v8/node - prevent crash calling a constructor without new keyword.
2021-02-28: alecmev
#405 #1121 [Javascript] Fix OUTPUT typemaps on methods that don't return void.
The output value is appended to the return value.
2021-02-26: murillo128, wsfulton
#1269 [Javascript] Fix handling of large positive unsigned long and
unsigned long long values.
2021-02-24: tomleavy, yegorich, tungntpham
#1746 [Javascript] Add support for Node v12, v14 and v16.
SWIG support for Node is now for v6 and later only.
2020-02-09: ZackerySpytz
#1872 Fix typos in attribute2ref macros.
2020-10-10: wsfulton
[Javascript] Fix so that ccomplex.i interface to file can be used.
2020-10-10: wsfulton
#252 complex can now be used as a C identifier and doesn't give a syntax error.
2020-10-10: lpsinger
#1770 Correct C complex support.
_Complex is now parsed as a keyword rather than complex as per the C99 standard.
The complex macro is available in the ccomplex.i library file along with other
complex number handling provided by the complex.h header.
2020-10-07: ZackerySpytz
[Python] #1812 Fix the error handling for the PyObject_GetBuffer() calls in
2020-10-07: treitmayr
#1824 Add missing space in director method declaration returning
const pointer.
2020-10-07: adelva1984
#1859 Remove all (two) exceptions from SWIG executable.
2020-09-25: wsfulton
[C#, Java] #1874 Add ability to change the modifiers for the interface
generated when using the %interface macros.
For C# use the 'csinterfacemodifiers' typemap.
For Java use the 'javainterfacemodifiers' typemap.
For example:
%typemap(csinterfacemodifiers) X "internal interface"
2020-09-24: geefr
[C#] #1868 Fix wchar_t* csvarout typemap for member variable wrappers.
2020-08-28: wsfulton
[Java] #1862 Fix crashes in swig_connect_director during director class construction
when using the director class from multiple threads - a race condition initialising
block scope static variables. The fix is guaranteed when using C++11, but most
compilers also fix it when using C++03/C++98.
2020-08-16: wsfulton
[Python] Add missing initializer for member ‘_heaptypeobject::ht_module’ when using
-builtin to complete Python 3.9 support.
2020-08-16: wsfulton
[Python] Remove PyEval_InitThreads() call for Python 3.7 and later as Python calls
it automatically now. This removes a deprecation warning when using Python 3.9.
2020-08-15: wsfulton
[Python] All Python examples and tests are written to be Python 2 and Python 3
compatible, removing the need for 2to3 to run the examples or test-suite.
2020-08-13: wsfulton
[C#] Add support for void *VOID_INT_PTR for member variables.
2020-07-29: chrisburr
#1843 [Python] Compilation error fix in SwigPyBuiltin_SetMetaType when using PyPy.
2020-06-14: ZackerySpytz
#1642 #1809 Fix virtual comparison operators in director classes by removing an
incorrect space in the function name (for example, operator= = is now operator==).