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// Tests passing of references to primitive datatypes
%module primitive_ref
%define ref(type,name)
%inline %{
const type &ref_##name(const type &x) {
static type y = x;
return y;
ref(unsigned int, uint);
ref(short, short);
ref(unsigned short, ushort);
ref(unsigned long, ulong);
ref(signed char, schar);
ref(unsigned char, uchar);
ref(char, char);
ref(float, float);
ref(double, double);
ref(bool, bool);
ref(long long, longlong);
ref(unsigned long long, ulonglong);
%inline %{
int ref_over(int a)
return a;
struct A
int v;
A(int V) :v(V) {}
int ref_over(const A& a)
return a.v;