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require("import") -- the import fn
import("smart_pointer_templatemethods") -- import lib into global
spt=smart_pointer_templatemethods --alias
-- catching undefined variables
local env = _ENV -- Lua 5.2
if not env then env = getfenv () end -- Lua 5.1
setmetatable(env, {__index=function (t,i) error("undefined global variable `"..i.."'",2) end})
o1 = spt.Objct()
iid = spt.InterfaceId()
po2 = o1:QueryInterfaceObjct(iid)
-- we can't call po2:DisposeObjct, because smart pointer Ptr<T> always return 0 when dereferencing
-- (see interface file). So we only check that po2 has necessary method
assert(po2.DisposeObjct ~= nil)
assert(po2.QueryInterfaceObjct ~= nil)