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-- require is only available in Lua 5.1
if string.sub(_VERSION,1,7)=='Lua 5.1' then
-- Initially the package should not be loaded
assert(package.loaded["lua_no_module_global"] == nil)
-- Load the module
the_module = require "lua_no_module_global"
-- require should return the module table
assert(the_module.hi_mom ~= nil)
assert(the_module.hi_mom() == "hi mom!")
-- But it should not end up in the global table _G, subject to
-- the -nomoduleglobal swig option.
assert(_G["lua_no_module_global"] == nil)
-- According to the Lua 5.1 reference manual, require should also
-- store the module table into package.loaded["name"]
assert(package.loaded["lua_no_module_global"] == the_module)
assert(package.loaded["lua_no_module_global"].hi_mom() == "hi mom!")