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/* This file is part of a test for SF bug #231619.
It shows that the %import directive does not work properly in SWIG
1.3a5: Type information is not properly generated if a base class
comes from an %import-ed file.
Extra tests added for enums to test languages that have enum types.
%module imports_b
#include "imports_b.h"
To import, you can use either
%import "imports_a.i"
%import(module="imports_a") "imports_a.h"
In the first case, imports_a.i should declare the module name using
the %module directive.
In the second case, the file could be either a .h file, where no
%module directive will be found, or a swig interface file, where
the module option will take priority over any %module directive
inside the imported file.
#if 0
%import "imports_a.i"
# if 0
// Test Warning 401 (Python only)
%import "imports_a.h"
# else
%import(module="imports_a") "imports_a.h"
# endif
%include "imports_b.h"