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/* File : go_subdir_import_a.i */
* This files helps check the case where the SWIG-generated .go file needs to
* import another, SWIG-generated, module that is in a relative subdirectory.
* This case might happen for two different reasons:
* 1) Importing a module for which the .i file is in a subdirectory relatively
* to this file (this is tested here with go_subdir_import_c).
* 2) Importing a module whos module name is a path (this is tested here with
* go_subdir_import_b).
* This file is the "root" file that imports the two modules which will be
* generated (by swig) in a relative subdirectory.
%module go_subdir_import_a
%import(module="testdir/go_subdir_import/go_subdir_import_c") "testdir/go_subdir_import/go_subdir_import_c.i"
%import "go_subdir_import_b.i"
class ObjC {
virtual int getInt() const;
class ObjB {
virtual int getInt() const;
%inline %{
int AddFive(const ObjB& b, const ObjC& c) {
return b.getInt() + c.getInt() + 5;