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%module destructor_methodmodifiers
// This test changes the proxy classes so that they cannot be inherited from in the target language
// Previously the %csmethodmodifiers, %dmethodmodifiers, %javamethodmodifiers on destructors were ignored
// Now they can control the dispose/Dispose/delete method modifiers
#if defined(SWIGCSHARP)
// remove all use of protected and virtual keywords
%typemap(csclassmodifiers) NotForDeriving1, NotForDeriving2 "public sealed class"
%csmethodmodifiers NotForDeriving1::~NotForDeriving1 "public /*not virtual nor override*/";
%csmethodmodifiers NotForDeriving2::~NotForDeriving2 "public /*not virtual nor override*/";
// remove protected keyword to remove compiler warning
%typemap(csbody) NotForDeriving1, NotForDeriving2 %{
private global::System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef swigCPtr;
private /*protected*/ bool swigCMemOwn;
internal $csclassname(global::System.IntPtr cPtr, bool cMemoryOwn) {
swigCMemOwn = cMemoryOwn;
swigCPtr = new global::System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef(this, cPtr);
internal static global::System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef getCPtr($csclassname obj) {
return (obj == null) ? new global::System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef(null, global::System.IntPtr.Zero) : obj.swigCPtr;
#elif defined(SWIGD)
%typemap(dclassmodifiers) NotForDeriving1, NotForDeriving2 "final class"
%dmethodmodifiers NotForDeriving1::~NotForDeriving1 "public final";
%dmethodmodifiers NotForDeriving2::~NotForDeriving2 "public final";
#elif defined(SWIGJAVA)
%typemap(javaclassmodifiers) NotForDeriving1, NotForDeriving2 "public final class"
%javamethodmodifiers NotForDeriving1::~NotForDeriving1 "public synchronized final";
%javamethodmodifiers NotForDeriving2::~NotForDeriving2 "public synchronized final";
%inline %{
//#include <iostream>
struct NotForDeriving1 {
void notvirtual() {}
~NotForDeriving1() {
// std::cout << "~NotForDeriving1 called" << std::endl;
struct NotForDeriving2 {
void notvirtual() {}
#if defined(SWIG)
%extend {
~NotForDeriving2() {
// std::cout << "~NotForDeriving2 called" << std::endl;