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%module array_typedef_memberin
#if defined(SWIGSCILAB)
%rename(ExDetail) ExampleDetail;
%inline %{
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
#pragma warning(disable: 4351) // new behavior: elements of array 'xyz' will be default initialized
typedef short Eight[8];
typedef const short ConstEight[8];
namespace ArrayExample
class ExampleDetail
Eight node_list;
const Eight node_list2;
ConstEight node_list3;
void fn1(Eight a) {}
void fn2(const Eight a) {}
void fn3(ConstEight a) {}
void fn4(Eight* a) {}
void fn5(ConstEight* a) {}
void fn6(const ConstEight* a) {}
void fn7(Eight*& a) {}
void fn8(ConstEight*& a) {}
void fn9(const ConstEight*& a) {}
ExampleDetail() : node_list(), node_list2(), node_list3() {}
typedef int Four[4];
typedef const int ConstFour[4];
void test_1(int (*v)[4]) {}
void test_2(Four *v) {}
void test_3(const Four *v) {}
void test_4(ConstFour *v) {}
void test_5(const int (*v)[4]) {}
void test_3r(const Four *&v) {}
void test_4r(ConstFour *&v) {}