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/* This file tests a few new contract features.
First it checks to make sure the constant aggregation macro
%aggregate_check() works. This is defined in swig.swg.
Next, it checks to make sure a simple contract works.
To support contracts, you need to add a macro to the runtime.
For Python, it looks like this:
#define SWIG_contract_assert(expr, msg) if (!(expr)) { PyErr_SetString(PyExc_RuntimeError, (char *) msg #expr ); goto fail; } else
Note: It is used like this:
SWIG_contract_assert(x == 1, "Some kind of error message");
Note: Contracts are still experimental. The runtime interface may
change in future versions.
%module aggregate
%include <exception.i>
%aggregate_check(int, check_direction, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT)
%contract move(int x) {
%inline %{
#define UP 1
#define DOWN 2
#define LEFT 3
#define RIGHT 4
int move(int direction) {
return direction;