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Below are the changes for the current release.
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Version 4.0.2 (in progress)
2020-01-16: mcfarljm
#1643 #1654 When using -doxygen, fix segfault when nameless parameters or vararg parameters
are used.
2020-01-16: mcfarljm
#1632 #1659 Fix newline handling for doxygen "///" comments.
2020-01-14: mcfarljm
#1647 #1656 Fix crash handling empty doxygen comments.
2020-01-14: mcfarljm
#1608 Improve doxygen support.
- Add support for \param[] commands such as: \param[in].
- Optional arguments are marked as 'optional' in pydoc.
- Improve support for \code commands so that other languages are supported as code blocks.
Support added for java, c and py. For example Python: \code{.py} ... \endcode
- Fix doxygen handling of \em and \p tags for Python.
2020-01-13: wsfulton
[Python] #1595 Python -builtin constructors silently ignored keyword arguments.
Instead of silenty ignoring them, now a "TypeError: f() takes no keyword arguments"
exception is thrown if keyword arguments are used. Hence constructors and normal methods/
functions behave in the same way. Note, -keyword should be used with -builtin to obtain
keyword argument support.
2020-01-05: jschueller shadchin
[Python] #1670 #1696 Add missing field initializers introduced in python 3.8:
tp_vectorcall and tp_print.
2020-01-05: friedrichatgc
[Octave] #1688 Change swig_this() to use size_t instead of long for compatibility
with Windows 64 bit.
2020-01-05: treitmayr
[Ruby] #1692 #1689 Add support for Ruby 2.7
2019-12-30: treitmayr
[Ruby] #1653 #1668 Fix code generated when using -globalmodule option.
2019-12-29: ZackerySpytz
[OCaml] #1686 Fix compilation errors with OCaml 4.09.0.
2019-12-10: wsfulton
#1679 Fix parsing of C++11 identifiers with special meaning (final and override) when
they are used as part of the scope name of an identifier, such as a namespace name.
2019-11-26: wsfulton
[C#] #1628 'out' or 'ref' used in a cstype typemap was not always stripped out in parts
of director code generation.
2019-11-01: wsfulton
[Python] #1595 Fix bug in support for keyword arguments (kwargs feature or -keyword)
when using -builtin. The fix is in the argument error checking when wrapping zero
argument constructors only.