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Below are the changes for the current release.
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Version 4.1.1 (30 Nov 2022)
2022-11-29: bero
Fix mismatch between #pragma GCC diagnostic push and pop statements
2022-11-26: wsfulton
#2449 Fix undefined behaviour in ccache-swig calculating md4 hashes and possibly
also handling errors when CCACHE_CPP2 is set.
2022-11-25: wsfulton
#961 Fix syntax error parsing unnamed template parameters with a default value.
2022-11-25: olly
#2447 Fix undefined behaviour in swig's parser when handling
default parameter expressions containing method calls.
2022-11-13: olly
[PHP] #2419 Update the documentation to reflect that SWIG 4.1.0
dropped support for -noproxy when generating PHP wrappers.
2022-11-05: wsfulton
#2417 Fix -swiglib for Windows when building with CMake.
2022-11-02: wsfulton
#2418 Fix infinite loop handling non-type template parameters.
Fixes infinite loop due to () brackets in a non-type template
parameter containing an expression.
2022-10-28: wsfulton
[R] R rtypecheck typemaps
Further switch to use rtypecheck typemaps instead of hard coded logic.
The full switch to typemaps is deferred until swig-4.2 as it can't be fully
backwards compatible. For now a warning is provided to help the
transition. It provides the full typemap that should be placed into
a user's interface file, for example:
%typemap("rtype") int32_t * "integer"
void testmethod(int32_t * i);
void testmethod();
If there is no rtypecheck typemap for int32_t *, the warning shown is:
example.i:7: Warning 750: Optional rtypecheck code is deprecated. Add the
following typemap to fix as the next version of SWIG will not work without it:
%typemap("rtypecheck") int32_t * %{ (is.integer($arg) || is.numeric($arg)) %}
The warning is shown for any code that previously used "numeric", "integer" or
"character" for the rtype typemap. Copying the rtypecheck typemap as
shown into the user interface file will provide the appropriate fix and
the warning will disappear. This is important to do as swig-4.2 will
not be able to provide this helpful warning.
2022-10-27: wsfulton
[R] Allow NULL to be used in overloaded functions taking shared_ptr.
Also fixes special variable $argtype expansion in rtypecheck typemaps.
2022-10-26: wsfulton
[R] Improve R wrapper error message when calling overloaded methods
when incorrect types passed are passed to the overloaded methods.
Old unhelpful error message:
Error in f(...) : could not find function "f"
Example of new improved error message:
Error in use_count(k) :
cannot find overloaded function for use_count with argtypes (NULL)
2022-10-26: wsfulton
[R] #2386 Fix memory leak in R shared_ptr wrappers.
Fix leak when a cast up a class inheritance chain is required.