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// RUN: %target-run-simple-swift
// REQUIRES: executable_test
// REQUIRES: objc_interop
import StdlibUnittest
import Foundation
var tests = TestSuite("NSDictionary")
tests.test("copy construction") {
let expected = ["A":1, "B":2, "C":3, "D":4]
let x = NSDictionary(dictionary: expected as NSDictionary)
expectEqual(expected, x as! Dictionary)
let y = NSMutableDictionary(dictionary: expected as NSDictionary)
expectEqual(expected, y as NSDictionary as! Dictionary)
// rdar://problem/27875914
tests.test("subscript with Any") {
let d = NSMutableDictionary()
d["k"] = "@this is how the world ends"
expectEqual((d["k"]! as AnyObject).character(at: 0), 0x40)
d["k"] = nil
expectTrue(d["k"] == nil)