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// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=func %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=bb %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=edge %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=fuzzer %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=edge,trace-cmp %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV -check-prefix=SANCOV_TRACE_CMP
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=edge,trace-bb %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV -check-prefix=SANCOV_TRACE_BB
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=edge,indirect-calls %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV -check-prefix=SANCOV_INDIRECT_CALLS
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=address -sanitize-coverage=edge,8bit-counters %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV -check-prefix=SANCOV_8BIT_COUNTERS
// RUN: %target-swift-frontend -emit-ir -sanitize=fuzzer %s | %FileCheck %s -check-prefix=SANCOV -check-prefix=SANCOV_TRACE_CMP
#if os(macOS) || os(iOS) || os(tvOS) || os(watchOS)
import Darwin
#elseif os(Linux) || os(FreeBSD) || os(PS4) || os(Android) || os(Cygwin) || os(Haiku)
import Glibc
#elseif os(Windows)
import MSVCRT
#error("Unsupported platform")
// FIXME: We should have a reliable way of triggering an indirect call in the
// LLVM IR generated from this code.
func test() {
// Use random numbers so the compiler can't constant fold
#if os(iOS) || os(macOS) || os(tvOS) || os(watchOS)
let x = arc4random()
let y = arc4random()
let x = rand()
let y = rand()
// Comparison is to trigger insertion of __sanitizer_cov_trace_cmp
let z = x == y
// FIXME: We need a way to distinguish the different types of coverage instrumentation
// that isn't really fragile. For now just check there's at least one call to the function
// used to increment coverage count at a particular PC.
// SANCOV: call void @__sanitizer_cov
// SANCOV_TRACE_CMP: call void @__sanitizer_cov_trace_cmp