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//===--- GlobalLoopARCSequenceDataflow.h ------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// This source file is part of the open source project
// Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
// Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
// See for license information
// See for the list of Swift project authors
#include "RefCountState.h"
#include "swift/SILOptimizer/Analysis/LoopRegionAnalysis.h"
#include "swift/SILOptimizer/Analysis/ProgramTerminationAnalysis.h"
#include "swift/Basic/BlotMapVector.h"
#include "swift/Basic/NullablePtr.h"
#include "swift/Basic/ImmutablePointerSet.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/MapVector.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Optional.h"
namespace swift {
class SILFunction;
class AliasAnalysis;
} // end swift namespace
namespace swift {
// Forward declaration of private classes that are opaque in this header.
class ARCRegionState;
/// A class that implements the ARC sequence data flow.
class LoopARCSequenceDataflowEvaluator {
/// The bump ptr allocator that is used to allocate memory in the allocator.
llvm::BumpPtrAllocator Allocator;
/// The factory that we use to generate immutable pointer sets.
ImmutablePointerSetFactory<SILInstruction> SetFactory;
/// The SILFunction that we are applying the dataflow to.
SILFunction &F;
/// The alias analysis that we are using for alias queries.
AliasAnalysis *AA;
/// Loop region information that we use to perform dataflow up and down the
/// loop nest.
LoopRegionFunctionInfo *LRFI;
/// The loop info we use for convenience to seed our traversals.
SILLoopInfo *SLI;
/// An analysis which computes the identity root of a SILValue(), i.e. the
/// dominating origin SILValue of the reference count that by retaining or
/// releasing this value one is affecting.
RCIdentityFunctionInfo *RCFI;
/// An analysis to get the epilogue ARC instructions.
EpilogueARCFunctionInfo *EAFI;
/// The map from dataflow terminating decrements -> increment dataflow state.
BlotMapVector<SILInstruction *, TopDownRefCountState> &DecToIncStateMap;
/// The map from dataflow terminating increment -> decrement dataflow state.
BlotMapVector<SILInstruction *, BottomUpRefCountState> &IncToDecStateMap;
/// Stashed information for each region.
llvm::DenseMap<const LoopRegion *, ARCRegionState *> RegionStateInfo;
/// Set of unmatched RefCountInsts
llvm::DenseSet<SILInstruction *> UnmatchedRefCountInsts;
SILFunction &F, AliasAnalysis *AA, LoopRegionFunctionInfo *LRFI,
SILLoopInfo *SLI, RCIdentityFunctionInfo *RCIA,
EpilogueARCFunctionInfo *EAFI,
ProgramTerminationFunctionInfo *PTFI,
BlotMapVector<SILInstruction *, TopDownRefCountState> &DecToIncStateMap,
BlotMapVector<SILInstruction *, BottomUpRefCountState> &IncToDecStateMap);
SILFunction *getFunction() const { return &F; }
/// Clear all of the state associated with the given loop.
void clearLoopState(const LoopRegion *R);
/// Perform the sequence dataflow, bottom up and top down on the loop region
/// \p R.
bool runOnLoop(const LoopRegion *R, bool FreezeOwnedArgEpilogueReleases,
bool RecomputePostDomReleases);
/// Summarize the subregions of \p R that are blocks.
/// We assume that all subregions that are loops have already been summarized
/// since we are processing bottom up through the loop nest hierarchy.
void summarizeSubregionBlocks(const LoopRegion *R);
/// Summarize the contents of the loop so that loops further up the loop tree
/// can reason about the loop.
void summarizeLoop(const LoopRegion *R);
/// Add \p I to the interesting instruction list of its parent block.
void addInterestingInst(SILInstruction *I);
/// Remove \p I from the interesting instruction list of its parent block.
void removeInterestingInst(SILInstruction *I);
/// Compute if a RefCountInst was unmatched and populate the persistent
/// UnmatchedRefCountInsts set.
void saveMatchingInfo(const LoopRegion *R);
/// Clear the folding node set of the set factory we have stored internally.
void clearSetFactory() {
/// Merge in the BottomUp state of any successors of DataHandle.getBB() into
/// DataHandle.getState().
void mergeSuccessors(const LoopRegion *R, ARCRegionState &State);
/// Merge in the TopDown state of any predecessors of DataHandle.getBB() into
/// DataHandle.getState().
void mergePredecessors(const LoopRegion *R, ARCRegionState &State);
void computePostDominatingConsumedArgMap();
ARCRegionState &getARCState(const LoopRegion *L) {
auto Iter = RegionStateInfo.find(L);
assert(Iter != RegionStateInfo.end() && "Should have created state for "
"each region");
return *Iter->second;
bool processLoopTopDown(const LoopRegion *R);
bool processLoopBottomUp(const LoopRegion *R,
bool FreezeOwnedArgEpilogueReleases);
void dumpDataflowResults();
} // end swift namespace