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//===--- TBD.cpp -- generates and validates TBD files ---------------------===//
// This source file is part of the open source project
// Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
// Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
// See for license information
// See for the list of Swift project authors
#include "TBD.h"
#include "swift/AST/ASTContext.h"
#include "swift/AST/Decl.h"
#include "swift/AST/DiagnosticEngine.h"
#include "swift/AST/DiagnosticsFrontend.h"
#include "swift/AST/FileUnit.h"
#include "swift/AST/Module.h"
#include "swift/AST/TBDGenRequests.h"
#include "swift/Basic/LLVM.h"
#include "swift/Demangling/Demangle.h"
#include "swift/Frontend/FrontendOptions.h"
#include "swift/TBDGen/TBDGen.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSet.h"
#include "llvm/IR/Module.h"
#include "llvm/IR/Mangler.h"
#include "llvm/IR/ValueSymbolTable.h"
#include "llvm/Support/FileSystem.h"
#include <vector>
using namespace swift;
static std::vector<StringRef> sortSymbols(llvm::StringSet<> &symbols) {
std::vector<StringRef> sorted;
for (auto &symbol : symbols)
std::sort(sorted.begin(), sorted.end());
return sorted;
bool swift::writeTBD(ModuleDecl *M, StringRef OutputFilename,
const TBDGenOptions &Opts) {
std::error_code EC;
llvm::raw_fd_ostream OS(OutputFilename, EC, llvm::sys::fs::F_None);
if (EC) {
M->getASTContext().Diags.diagnose(SourceLoc(), diag::error_opening_output,
OutputFilename, EC.message());
return true;
writeTBDFile(M, OS, Opts);
return false;
static bool validateSymbols(DiagnosticEngine &diags,
const std::vector<std::string> &symbols,
const llvm::Module &IRModule,
bool diagnoseExtraSymbolsInTBD) {
llvm::StringSet<> symbolSet;
symbolSet.insert(symbols.begin(), symbols.end());
auto error = false;
// Diff the two sets of symbols, flagging anything outside their intersection.
// Delay the emission of errors for things in the IR but not TBD, so we can
// sort them to get a stable order.
std::vector<StringRef> irNotTBD;
for (auto &nameValue : IRModule.getValueSymbolTable()) {
// TBDGen inserts mangled names (usually with a leading '_') into its
// symbol table, so make sure to mangle IRGen names before comparing them
// with what TBDGen created.
auto unmangledName = nameValue.getKey();
SmallString<128> name;
llvm::Mangler::getNameWithPrefix(name, unmangledName,
auto value = nameValue.getValue();
if (auto GV = dyn_cast<llvm::GlobalValue>(value)) {
// Is this a symbol that should be listed?
auto externallyVisible =
GV->hasExternalLinkage() && !GV->hasHiddenVisibility();
if (!GV->isDeclaration() && externallyVisible) {
// Is it listed?
if (!symbolSet.erase(name))
// Note: Add the unmangled name to the irNotTBD list, which is owned
// by the IRModule, instead of the mangled name.
} else {
assert(symbolSet.find(name) == symbolSet.end() &&
"non-global value in value symbol table");
std::sort(irNotTBD.begin(), irNotTBD.end());
for (auto &name : irNotTBD) {
diags.diagnose(SourceLoc(), diag::symbol_in_ir_not_in_tbd, name,
error = true;
if (diagnoseExtraSymbolsInTBD) {
// Look for any extra symbols.
for (auto &name : sortSymbols(symbolSet)) {
diags.diagnose(SourceLoc(), diag::symbol_in_tbd_not_in_ir, name,
error = true;
if (error) {
diags.diagnose(SourceLoc(), diag::tbd_validation_failure);
return error;
bool swift::validateTBD(ModuleDecl *M,
const llvm::Module &IRModule,
const TBDGenOptions &opts,
bool diagnoseExtraSymbolsInTBD) {
auto symbols = getPublicSymbols(TBDGenDescriptor::forModule(M, opts));
return validateSymbols(M->getASTContext().Diags, symbols, IRModule,
bool swift::validateTBD(FileUnit *file,
const llvm::Module &IRModule,
const TBDGenOptions &opts,
bool diagnoseExtraSymbolsInTBD) {
auto symbols = getPublicSymbols(TBDGenDescriptor::forFile(file, opts));
return validateSymbols(file->getParentModule()->getASTContext().Diags,
symbols, IRModule, diagnoseExtraSymbolsInTBD);