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//===--- SerializationOptions.h - Control swiftmodule emission --*- C++ -*-===//
// This source file is part of the open source project
// Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
// Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
// See for license information
// See for the list of Swift project authors
#include "swift/Basic/LLVM.h"
namespace swift {
class SerializationOptions {
SerializationOptions(const SerializationOptions &) = delete;
void operator=(const SerializationOptions &) = delete;
SerializationOptions() = default;
SerializationOptions(SerializationOptions &&) = default;
SerializationOptions &operator=(SerializationOptions &&) = default;
~SerializationOptions() = default;
const char *OutputPath = nullptr;
const char *DocOutputPath = nullptr;
const char *SourceInfoOutputPath = nullptr;
StringRef GroupInfoPath;
StringRef ImportedHeader;
StringRef ModuleLinkName;
StringRef ModuleInterface;
ArrayRef<std::string> ExtraClangOptions;
/// Describes a single-file dependency for this module, along with the
/// appropriate strategy for how to verify if it's up-to-date.
class FileDependency {
/// The size of the file on disk, in bytes.
uint64_t Size : 62;
/// A dependency can be either hash-based or modification-time-based.
bool IsHashBased : 1;
/// The dependency path can be absolute or relative to the SDK
bool IsSDKRelative : 1;
union {
/// The last modification time of the file.
uint64_t ModificationTime;
/// The xxHash of the full contents of the file.
uint64_t ContentHash;
/// The path to the dependency.
std::string Path;
FileDependency(uint64_t size, bool isHash, uint64_t hashOrModTime,
StringRef path, bool isSDKRelative):
Size(size), IsHashBased(isHash), IsSDKRelative(isSDKRelative),
ModificationTime(hashOrModTime), Path(path) {}
FileDependency() = delete;
/// Creates a new hash-based file dependency.
static FileDependency
hashBased(StringRef path, bool isSDKRelative, uint64_t size, uint64_t hash) {
return FileDependency(size, /*isHash*/true, hash, path, isSDKRelative);
/// Creates a new modification time-based file dependency.
static FileDependency
modTimeBased(StringRef path, bool isSDKRelative, uint64_t size, uint64_t mtime) {
return FileDependency(size, /*isHash*/false, mtime, path, isSDKRelative);
/// Updates the last-modified time of this dependency.
/// If the dependency is a hash-based dependency, it becomes
/// modification time-based.
void setLastModificationTime(uint64_t mtime) {
IsHashBased = false;
ModificationTime = mtime;
/// Updates the content hash of this dependency.
/// If the dependency is a modification time-based dependency, it becomes
/// hash-based.
void setContentHash(uint64_t hash) {
IsHashBased = true;
ContentHash = hash;
/// Determines if this dependency is hash-based and should be validated
/// based on content hash.
bool isHashBased() const { return IsHashBased; }
/// Determines if this dependency is absolute or relative to the SDK.
bool isSDKRelative() const { return IsSDKRelative; }
/// Determines if this dependency is hash-based and should be validated
/// based on modification time.
bool isModificationTimeBased() const { return !IsHashBased; }
/// Gets the modification time, if this is a modification time-based
/// dependency.
uint64_t getModificationTime() const {
assert(isModificationTimeBased() &&
"cannot get modification time for hash-based dependency");
return ModificationTime;
/// Gets the content hash, if this is a hash-based
/// dependency.
uint64_t getContentHash() const {
assert(isHashBased() &&
"cannot get content hash for mtime-based dependency");
return ContentHash;
StringRef getPath() const { return Path; }
uint64_t getSize() const { return Size; }
ArrayRef<FileDependency> Dependencies;
bool AutolinkForceLoad = false;
bool SerializeAllSIL = false;
bool SerializeOptionsForDebugging = false;
bool IsSIB = false;
bool ExperimentalCrossModuleIncrementalInfo = false;
} // end namespace swift