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//===--- Migrator.h - Migrator ----------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// This source file is part of the open source project
// Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
// Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
// See for license information
// See for the list of Swift project authors
// The top-level Swift Migrator driver.
#include "swift/Migrator/MigrationState.h"
#include "swift/Syntax/References.h"
namespace swift {
class CompilerInstance;
namespace migrator {
/// If needed, run the migrator on the compiler invocation's input file and emit
/// a "replacement map" describing the requested changes to the source file.
/// \return true on error.
bool updateCodeAndEmitRemapIfNeeded(CompilerInstance *Instance);
/// Specify options when running syntactic migration pass.
struct SyntacticPassOptions {
bool RunOptionalTryMigration = false;
struct Migrator {
CompilerInstance *StartInstance;
const CompilerInvocation &StartInvocation;
SourceManager SrcMgr;
std::vector<RC<MigrationState>> States;
Migrator(CompilerInstance *StartInstance,
const CompilerInvocation &StartInvocation);
/// The maximum number of times to run the compiler over the input to get
/// fix-its. Nullability changes may expose other fix-its in subsequent
/// compilations.
static constexpr unsigned MaxCompilerFixitPassIterations = 7;
/// Repeatedly perform a number of compiler-fix-it migrations in a row, until
/// there are no new suggestions from the compiler or some other error
/// occurred.
/// Returns the last CompilerInstance used in the iterations, provided
/// that the CompilerInvocation used to set it up was successful. Otherwise,
/// returns nullptr.
repeatFixitMigrations(const unsigned Iterations,
swift::version::Version SwiftLanguageVersion);
/// Perform a single compiler fix-it migration on the last state, and push
/// the result onto the state history.
/// Returns the CompilerInstance used for the fix-it run, provided its
/// setup from a CompilerInvocation was successful.
performAFixItMigration(swift::version::Version SwiftLanguageVersion);
/// Starting with the last state, perform the following migration passes.
/// Returns true if failed:
/// - Setting up the Swift CompilerInstance failed.
/// - performSema emitted fatal errors along the way.
bool performSyntacticPasses(SyntacticPassOptions Opts);
/// Emit a replacement map from the very start state's output text to the
/// final state's output text to the StartInvocation's output file.
bool emitRemap() const;
/// Emit the output text of the final state in States to the path specified
/// by -emit-migrated-file-path in StartInvocation.MigratorOptions.
/// Returns true if an attempt was made and failed.
bool emitMigratedFile() const;
/// Dump all of the migration states encountered so far to
/// StartInvocation.MigratorOptions.DumpMigrationStatesDir.
/// Returns true if an attempt was made and failed.
bool dumpStates() const;
/// Get the options for the Migrator.
const MigratorOptions &getMigratorOptions() const;
/// Get the filename of the input given by this->StartInvocation.
const StringRef getInputFilename() const;
} // end namespace migrator
} // end namespace swift