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//===-- ResourceSerializator.h ----------------------------------*- C++-*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This defines a visitor serializing resources to a .res stream.
#include "ResourceScriptStmt.h"
#include "ResourceVisitor.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Endian.h"
namespace llvm {
class MemoryBuffer;
namespace rc {
struct SearchParams {
std::vector<std::string> Include; // Additional folders to search for files.
std::vector<std::string> NoInclude; // Folders to exclude from file search.
StringRef InputFilePath; // The full path of the input file.
class ResourceFileWriter : public Visitor {
ResourceFileWriter(const SearchParams &Params,
std::unique_ptr<raw_fd_ostream> Stream)
: Params(Params), FS(std::move(Stream)), IconCursorID(1) {
assert(FS && "Output stream needs to be provided to the serializator");
Error visitNullResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitAcceleratorsResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitCursorResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitDialogResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitHTMLResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitIconResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitMenuResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitVersionInfoResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitStringTableResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitUserDefinedResource(const RCResource *) override;
Error visitCaptionStmt(const CaptionStmt *) override;
Error visitCharacteristicsStmt(const CharacteristicsStmt *) override;
Error visitFontStmt(const FontStmt *) override;
Error visitLanguageStmt(const LanguageResource *) override;
Error visitStyleStmt(const StyleStmt *) override;
Error visitVersionStmt(const VersionStmt *) override;
// Stringtables are output at the end of .res file. We need a separate
// function to do it.
Error dumpAllStringTables();
bool AppendNull; // Append '\0' to each existing STRINGTABLE element?
struct ObjectInfo {
uint16_t LanguageInfo;
uint32_t Characteristics;
uint32_t VersionInfo;
Optional<uint32_t> Style;
StringRef Caption;
struct FontInfo {
uint32_t Size;
StringRef Typeface;
uint32_t Weight;
bool IsItalic;
uint32_t Charset;
Optional<FontInfo> Font;
ObjectInfo() : LanguageInfo(0), Characteristics(0), VersionInfo(0) {}
} ObjectData;
struct StringTableInfo {
// Each STRINGTABLE bundle depends on ID of the bundle and language
// description.
using BundleKey = std::pair<uint16_t, uint16_t>;
// Each bundle is in fact an array of 16 strings.
struct Bundle {
std::array<Optional<StringRef>, 16> Data;
ObjectInfo DeclTimeInfo;
Bundle(const ObjectInfo &Info) : DeclTimeInfo(Info) {}
std::map<BundleKey, Bundle> BundleData;
// Bundles are listed in the order of their first occurence.
std::vector<BundleKey> BundleList;
} StringTableData;
Error handleError(Error Err, const RCResource *Res);
writeResource(const RCResource *Res,
Error (ResourceFileWriter::*BodyWriter)(const RCResource *));
// NullResource
Error writeNullBody(const RCResource *);
// AcceleratorsResource
Error writeSingleAccelerator(const AcceleratorsResource::Accelerator &,
bool IsLastItem);
Error writeAcceleratorsBody(const RCResource *);
// CursorResource and IconResource
Error visitIconOrCursorResource(const RCResource *);
Error visitIconOrCursorGroup(const RCResource *);
Error visitSingleIconOrCursor(const RCResource *);
Error writeSingleIconOrCursorBody(const RCResource *);
Error writeIconOrCursorGroupBody(const RCResource *);
// DialogResource
Error writeSingleDialogControl(const Control &, bool IsExtended);
Error writeDialogBody(const RCResource *);
// HTMLResource
Error writeHTMLBody(const RCResource *);
// MenuResource
Error writeMenuDefinition(const std::unique_ptr<MenuDefinition> &,
uint16_t Flags);
Error writeMenuDefinitionList(const MenuDefinitionList &List);
Error writeMenuBody(const RCResource *);
// StringTableResource
Error visitStringTableBundle(const RCResource *);
Error writeStringTableBundleBody(const RCResource *);
Error insertStringIntoBundle(StringTableInfo::Bundle &Bundle,
uint16_t StringID, StringRef String);
// User defined resource
Error writeUserDefinedBody(const RCResource *);
// VersionInfoResource
Error writeVersionInfoBody(const RCResource *);
Error writeVersionInfoBlock(const VersionInfoBlock &);
Error writeVersionInfoValue(const VersionInfoValue &);
const SearchParams &Params;
// Output stream handling.
std::unique_ptr<raw_fd_ostream> FS;
uint64_t tell() const { return FS->tell(); }
uint64_t writeObject(const ArrayRef<uint8_t> Data);
template <typename T> uint64_t writeInt(const T &Value) {
support::detail::packed_endian_specific_integral<T, support::little,
return writeObject(Object);
template <typename T> uint64_t writeObject(const T &Value) {
return writeObject(ArrayRef<uint8_t>(
reinterpret_cast<const uint8_t *>(&Value), sizeof(T)));
template <typename T> void writeObjectAt(const T &Value, uint64_t Position) {
FS->pwrite((const char *)&Value, sizeof(T), Position);
Error writeCString(StringRef Str, bool WriteTerminator = true);
Error writeIdentifier(const IntOrString &Ident);
Error writeIntOrString(const IntOrString &Data);
void writeRCInt(RCInt);
Error appendFile(StringRef Filename);
void padStream(uint64_t Length);
Expected<std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer>> loadFile(StringRef File) const;
// Icon and cursor IDs are allocated starting from 1 and increasing for
// each icon/cursor dumped. This maintains the current ID to be allocated.
uint16_t IconCursorID;
} // namespace rc
} // namespace llvm