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// This source file is part of the open source project
// Copyright (c) 2016 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
// Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
// See for license information
// See for the list of Swift project authors
// ArgumentParser.swift
// Tools for parsing test execution configuration from command line arguments.
/// Utility for converting command line arguments into a strongly-typed
/// representation of the passed-in options
internal struct ArgumentParser {
/// The basic operations that can be performed by an XCTest runner executable
enum ExecutionMode {
/// Run a test or test suite, printing results to stdout and exiting with
/// a non-0 return code if any tests failed. The name of a test or class
/// may be provided to only run a subset of test cases.
case run(selectedTestName: String?)
/// The different ways that the tests can be represented when they are listed
enum ListType {
/// A flat list of the tests that can be run. The lines in this
/// output are valid test names for the `run` mode.
case humanReadable
/// A JSON representation of the test suite, intended for consumption
/// by other tools
case json
/// Print a list of all the tests in the suite.
case list(type: ListType)
var selectedTestName: String? {
if case .run(let name) = self {
return name
} else {
return nil
private let arguments: [String]
init(arguments: [String] = CommandLine.arguments) {
self.arguments = arguments
var executionMode: ExecutionMode {
if arguments.count <= 1 {
return .run(selectedTestName: nil)
} else if arguments[1] == "--list-tests" || arguments[1] == "-l" {
return .list(type: .humanReadable)
} else if arguments[1] == "--dump-tests-json" {
return .list(type: .json)
} else {
return .run(selectedTestName: arguments[1])