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/* CFXMLInputStream.h
Copyright (c) 2000-2016, Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Portions Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
See for license information
See for the list of Swift project authors
#include <CoreFoundation/CFBase.h>
#include "CFInternal.h"
#include <CoreFoundation/CFString.h>
#include <CoreFoundation/CFSet.h>
#include <CoreFoundation/CFXMLNode.h>
struct __CFXMLNode {
// additionalData currently always points off the bottom of this struct; we could just eliminate it. Also, we may want to add a flags/version argument, and could use it to mark whether the node was the special one that CFXMLParser mucks with, as well as whether the allocator was "special" (could save us the alloc instance variable, below) -- REW, 3/8/2000
CFRuntimeBase _cfBase;
CFIndex version;
CFXMLNodeTypeCode dataTypeID;
CFStringRef dataString;
void *additionalData;
struct __CFXMLInputStream {
CFDataRef data; // The XML data
CFURLRef url; // the source URL for the data
CFStringEncoding encoding; // the data's encoding
const UInt8 *currentByte; // pointer into data at the first byte not yet translated to a character
UniChar *charBuffer; // the buffer of characters translated from data
UniChar *currentChar; // pointer into charBuffer at the current stream location. MUST be NULL if there are no more characters in charBuffer to consume.
UniChar *mark; // The point at which the mark was dropped. NULL if the mark is currently unset.
UniChar *parserMark; // mark available only for the parser's use
CFIndex bufferLength; // The number of meaningful characters in charBuffer
CFIndex bufferCapacity; // The current maximum capacity of charBuffer in UniChars
CFIndex charIndex, lineNum; // location in the file
UInt32 flags; // See #defines below for bit flag meanings
CFMutableSetRef nameSet; // set of all names we've encountered; used for uniquing
CFMutableStringRef tempString;
CFAllocatorRef allocator; // This is unfortunate; this is always the same as the parser's allocator. We'd like to get rid of it at some point, but that would mean adding an allocator to all the function calls, which means risking that the allocator passed in gets out-of-sync. Maybe once we have CFStreams, we can encapsulate it all in that. REW, 5/22/2000
// whether the stream has been opened for reading
#define STREAM_OPEN 0x1
// whether the encoding matches ASCII over 0x0-0x7F
// whether the encoding is Unicode with the "natural" byte ordering
// whether the encoding is Unicode with the bytes swapped
// whether the stream has encountered an error in encodings.
typedef struct __CFXMLInputStream _CFXMLInputStream;
void _initializeInputStream(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, CFAllocatorRef alloc, CFURLRef dataSource, CFDataRef xmlData);
Boolean _openInputStream(_CFXMLInputStream *stream); // None of the subsequent calls will work until the input stream has been opened
void _freeInputStream(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
CFStringEncoding _inputStreamGetEncoding(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
CFIndex _inputStreamCurrentLocation(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
CFIndex _inputStreamCurrentLine(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
Boolean _inputStreamAtEOF(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
Boolean _inputStreamComposingErrorOccurred(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
Boolean _inputStreamPeekCharacter(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, UniChar *ch);
Boolean _inputStreamGetCharacter(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, UniChar *ch);
Boolean _inputStreamReturnCharacter(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, UniChar ch);
void _inputStreamSetMark(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
void _inputStreamClearMark(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
void _inputStreamGetCharactersFromMark(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, CFMutableStringRef string);
void _inputStreamBackUpToMark(_CFXMLInputStream *stream);
void _inputStringInitialize(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, UniChar *characters, CFIndex length);
CFIndex _inputStreamSkipWhitespace(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, CFMutableStringRef str);
Boolean _inputStreamScanToCharacters(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, const UniChar *scanChars, CFIndex numChars, CFMutableStringRef str);
Boolean _inputStreamMatchString(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, const UniChar *stringToMatch, CFIndex length);
Boolean _inputStreamScanQuotedString(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, CFMutableStringRef str);
Boolean _inputStreamScanXMLName(_CFXMLInputStream *stream, Boolean isNMToken, CFStringRef *str);
/* Returns the character index within the current line of the current parse location */
/* To add someday -- CF_EXPORT
CFIndex CFXMLParserGetOffsetInCurrentLine(CFXMLParserRef parser); */