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// Support parsing of function concepts and variable concepts
// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++14 -fconcepts-ts -x c++ -verify %s
template<typename T> concept bool C1 = true;
template<typename T> concept bool C2() { return true; }
template<typename T>
struct A { typedef bool Boolean; };
template<int N>
A<void>::Boolean concept C3(!0);
template<typename T, int = 0>
concept auto C4(void) -> bool { return true; }
constexpr int One = 1;
template <typename>
static concept decltype(!0) C5 { bool(One) };
template<typename T> concept concept bool C6 = true; // expected-warning {{duplicate 'concept' declaration specifier}}
template<typename T> concept concept bool C7() { return true; } // expected-warning {{duplicate 'concept' declaration specifier}}
template<concept T> concept bool D1 = true; // expected-error {{unknown type name 'T'}}