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This directory contains a VSPackage project to generate a Visual Studio extension
for clang-format.
Build prerequisites are:
- Visual Studio 2013 Professional
- Visual Studio 2013 SDK
- Visual Studio 2010 Professional (?)
- Visual Studio 2010 SDK (?)
The extension is built using CMake by setting BUILD_CLANG_FORMAT_VS_PLUGIN=ON
when configuring a Clang build, and building the clang_format_vsix target.
The CMake build will copy clang-format.exe and LICENSE.TXT into the ClangFormat/
directory so they can be bundled with the plug-in, as well as creating
ClangFormat/source.extension.vsixmanifest. Once the plug-in has been built with
CMake once, it can be built manually from the ClangFormat.sln solution in Visual