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//===--- ParentMap.h - Mappings from Stmts to their Parents -----*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the ParentMap class.
namespace clang {
class Stmt;
class Expr;
class ParentMap {
void* Impl;
ParentMap(Stmt* ASTRoot);
/// \brief Adds and/or updates the parent/child-relations of the complete
/// stmt tree of S. All children of S including indirect descendants are
/// visited and updated or inserted but not the parents of S.
void addStmt(Stmt* S);
/// Manually sets the parent of \p S to \p Parent.
/// If \p S is already in the map, this method will update the mapping.
void setParent(const Stmt *S, const Stmt *Parent);
Stmt *getParent(Stmt*) const;
Stmt *getParentIgnoreParens(Stmt *) const;
Stmt *getParentIgnoreParenCasts(Stmt *) const;
Stmt *getParentIgnoreParenImpCasts(Stmt *) const;
Stmt *getOuterParenParent(Stmt *) const;
const Stmt *getParent(const Stmt* S) const {
return getParent(const_cast<Stmt*>(S));
const Stmt *getParentIgnoreParens(const Stmt *S) const {
return getParentIgnoreParens(const_cast<Stmt*>(S));
const Stmt *getParentIgnoreParenCasts(const Stmt *S) const {
return getParentIgnoreParenCasts(const_cast<Stmt*>(S));
bool hasParent(Stmt* S) const {
return getParent(S) != nullptr;
bool isConsumedExpr(Expr *E) const;
bool isConsumedExpr(const Expr *E) const {
return isConsumedExpr(const_cast<Expr*>(E));
} // end clang namespace