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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -analyze -analyzer-checker=core,unix.Malloc -Wno-incompatible-library-redeclaration -verify %s
// Various tests to make the the analyzer is robust against custom
// redeclarations of memory routines.
// You wouldn't expect to see much of this in normal code, but, for example,
// CMake tests can generate these.
// expected-no-diagnostics
char alloca();
char malloc();
char realloc();
char kmalloc();
char valloc();
char calloc();
char free();
char kfree();
void testCustomArgumentlessAllocation() {
alloca(); // no-crash
malloc(); // no-crash
realloc(); // no-crash
kmalloc(); // no-crash
valloc(); // no-crash
calloc(); // no-crash
free(); // no-crash
kfree(); // no-crash