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<title>LLVM 2.0 and Beyond!</title>
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<h1>LLVM 2.0 and Beyond!</h1>
A Google Techtalk by <a href="">Chris Lattner</a>
<p>In this video, Chris Lattner talks about some of the features of Clang, especially in regards to performance.
<p><b>Details:</b> The LLVM 2.0 release brings a number of new features and capabilities to the LLVM toolset. This talk briefly describes those features, then moves on to talk about what is next: llvm 2.1, llvm-gcc 4.2, and puts a special emphasis on the 'clang' C front-end. This describes how the 'clang' preprocessor can be used to improve the scalability of distcc by up to 4.4x.
<h2>The Presentation:</h2>
<p>You can view the presentation through google video. In addition, the slides from the presentation are also available, if you wish to retain a copy.
<li><a href="">Google Tech Talk Video (19:00-)</a> (Note: the Clang lecture starts at 19 minutes into the video.)
<li><a href="">LLVM 2.0 and Beyond! slides (PDF)</a>
<h2>Publishing Information:</h2>
"LLVM 2.0 and Beyond!", Chris Lattner,<br>
<i>Google Tech Talk</i>, Mountain View, CA, July 2007.