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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
int &foo(int); // expected-note {{candidate}}
double &foo(double); // expected-note {{candidate}}
void foo(...) __attribute__((__unavailable__)); // expected-note {{candidate function}} \
// expected-note{{'foo' has been explicitly marked unavailable here}}
void bar(...) __attribute__((__unavailable__)); // expected-note 2{{explicitly marked unavailable}}
void test_foo(short* sp) {
int &ir = foo(1);
double &dr = foo(1.0);
foo(sp); // expected-error{{call to unavailable function 'foo'}}
void (*fp)(...) = &bar; // expected-error{{'bar' is unavailable}}
void (*fp2)(...) = bar; // expected-error{{'bar' is unavailable}}
int &(*fp3)(int) = foo;
void (*fp4)(...) = foo; // expected-error{{'foo' is unavailable}}
namespace radar9046492 {
// rdar://9046492
#define FOO __attribute__((unavailable("not available - replaced")))
void foo() FOO; // expected-note {{candidate function has been explicitly made unavailable}}
void bar() {
foo(); // expected-error {{call to unavailable function 'foo': not available - replaced}}
void unavail(short* sp) __attribute__((__unavailable__));
void unavail(short* sp) {
// No complains inside an unavailable function.
int &ir = foo(1);
double &dr = foo(1.0);
// Show that delayed processing of 'unavailable' is the same
// delayed process for 'deprecated'.
// <rdar://problem/12241361> and <rdar://problem/15584219>
enum DeprecatedEnum { DE_A, DE_B } __attribute__((deprecated)); // expected-note {{'DeprecatedEnum' has been explicitly marked deprecated here}}
__attribute__((deprecated)) typedef enum DeprecatedEnum DeprecatedEnum;
typedef enum DeprecatedEnum AnotherDeprecatedEnum; // expected-warning {{'DeprecatedEnum' is deprecated}}
DeprecatedEnum testDeprecated(DeprecatedEnum X) { return X; }
enum UnavailableEnum { UE_A, UE_B } __attribute__((unavailable)); // expected-note {{'UnavailableEnum' has been explicitly marked unavailable here}}
__attribute__((unavailable)) typedef enum UnavailableEnum UnavailableEnum;
typedef enum UnavailableEnum AnotherUnavailableEnum; // expected-error {{'UnavailableEnum' is unavailable}}
UnavailableEnum testUnavailable(UnavailableEnum X) { return X; }