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//=== BasicValueFactory.h - Basic values for Path Sens analysis --*- C++ -*---//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines BasicValueFactory, a class that manages the lifetime
// of APSInt objects and symbolic constraints used by ExprEngine
// and related classes.
#include "clang/AST/ASTContext.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/APSIntType.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/SVals.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/StoreRef.h"
namespace clang {
namespace ento {
class CompoundValData : public llvm::FoldingSetNode {
QualType T;
llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> L;
CompoundValData(QualType t, llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> l)
: T(t), L(l) {}
typedef llvm::ImmutableList<SVal>::iterator iterator;
iterator begin() const { return L.begin(); }
iterator end() const { return L.end(); }
static void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID& ID, QualType T,
llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> L);
void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID& ID) { Profile(ID, T, L); }
class LazyCompoundValData : public llvm::FoldingSetNode {
StoreRef store;
const TypedValueRegion *region;
LazyCompoundValData(const StoreRef &st, const TypedValueRegion *r)
: store(st), region(r) {}
const void *getStore() const { return store.getStore(); }
const TypedValueRegion *getRegion() const { return region; }
static void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID& ID,
const StoreRef &store,
const TypedValueRegion *region);
void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID& ID) { Profile(ID, store, region); }
class PointerToMemberData: public llvm::FoldingSetNode {
const DeclaratorDecl *D;
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> L;
PointerToMemberData(const DeclaratorDecl *D,
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> L)
: D(D), L(L) {}
typedef llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *>::iterator iterator;
iterator begin() const { return L.begin(); }
iterator end() const { return L.end(); }
static void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID& ID, const DeclaratorDecl *D,
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> L);
void Profile(llvm::FoldingSetNodeID& ID) { Profile(ID, D, L); }
const DeclaratorDecl *getDeclaratorDecl() const {return D;}
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> getCXXBaseList() const {
return L;
class BasicValueFactory {
typedef llvm::FoldingSet<llvm::FoldingSetNodeWrapper<llvm::APSInt> >
ASTContext &Ctx;
llvm::BumpPtrAllocator& BPAlloc;
APSIntSetTy APSIntSet;
void * PersistentSVals;
void * PersistentSValPairs;
llvm::ImmutableList<SVal>::Factory SValListFactory;
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier*>::Factory CXXBaseListFactory;
llvm::FoldingSet<CompoundValData> CompoundValDataSet;
llvm::FoldingSet<LazyCompoundValData> LazyCompoundValDataSet;
llvm::FoldingSet<PointerToMemberData> PointerToMemberDataSet;
// This is private because external clients should use the factory
// method that takes a QualType.
const llvm::APSInt& getValue(uint64_t X, unsigned BitWidth, bool isUnsigned);
BasicValueFactory(ASTContext &ctx, llvm::BumpPtrAllocator &Alloc)
: Ctx(ctx), BPAlloc(Alloc), PersistentSVals(nullptr),
PersistentSValPairs(nullptr), SValListFactory(Alloc),
CXXBaseListFactory(Alloc) {}
ASTContext &getContext() const { return Ctx; }
const llvm::APSInt& getValue(const llvm::APSInt& X);
const llvm::APSInt& getValue(const llvm::APInt& X, bool isUnsigned);
const llvm::APSInt& getValue(uint64_t X, QualType T);
/// Returns the type of the APSInt used to store values of the given QualType.
APSIntType getAPSIntType(QualType T) const {
assert(T->isIntegralOrEnumerationType() || Loc::isLocType(T));
return APSIntType(Ctx.getTypeSize(T),
/// Convert - Create a new persistent APSInt with the same value as 'From'
/// but with the bitwidth and signedness of 'To'.
const llvm::APSInt &Convert(const llvm::APSInt& To,
const llvm::APSInt& From) {
APSIntType TargetType(To);
if (TargetType == APSIntType(From))
return From;
return getValue(TargetType.convert(From));
const llvm::APSInt &Convert(QualType T, const llvm::APSInt &From) {
APSIntType TargetType = getAPSIntType(T);
if (TargetType == APSIntType(From))
return From;
return getValue(TargetType.convert(From));
const llvm::APSInt& getIntValue(uint64_t X, bool isUnsigned) {
QualType T = isUnsigned ? Ctx.UnsignedIntTy : Ctx.IntTy;
return getValue(X, T);
inline const llvm::APSInt& getMaxValue(const llvm::APSInt &v) {
return getValue(APSIntType(v).getMaxValue());
inline const llvm::APSInt& getMinValue(const llvm::APSInt &v) {
return getValue(APSIntType(v).getMinValue());
inline const llvm::APSInt& getMaxValue(QualType T) {
return getValue(getAPSIntType(T).getMaxValue());
inline const llvm::APSInt& getMinValue(QualType T) {
return getValue(getAPSIntType(T).getMinValue());
inline const llvm::APSInt& Add1(const llvm::APSInt& V) {
llvm::APSInt X = V;
return getValue(X);
inline const llvm::APSInt& Sub1(const llvm::APSInt& V) {
llvm::APSInt X = V;
return getValue(X);
inline const llvm::APSInt& getZeroWithPtrWidth(bool isUnsigned = true) {
return getValue(0, Ctx.getTypeSize(Ctx.VoidPtrTy), isUnsigned);
inline const llvm::APSInt &getIntWithPtrWidth(uint64_t X, bool isUnsigned) {
return getValue(X, Ctx.getTypeSize(Ctx.VoidPtrTy), isUnsigned);
inline const llvm::APSInt& getTruthValue(bool b, QualType T) {
return getValue(b ? 1 : 0, Ctx.getTypeSize(T), false);
inline const llvm::APSInt& getTruthValue(bool b) {
return getTruthValue(b, Ctx.getLogicalOperationType());
const CompoundValData *getCompoundValData(QualType T,
llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> Vals);
const LazyCompoundValData *getLazyCompoundValData(const StoreRef &store,
const TypedValueRegion *region);
const PointerToMemberData *getPointerToMemberData(
const DeclaratorDecl *DD,
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> L);
llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> getEmptySValList() {
return SValListFactory.getEmptyList();
llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> prependSVal(SVal X, llvm::ImmutableList<SVal> L) {
return SValListFactory.add(X, L);
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> getEmptyCXXBaseList() {
return CXXBaseListFactory.getEmptyList();
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> prependCXXBase(
const CXXBaseSpecifier *CBS,
llvm::ImmutableList<const CXXBaseSpecifier *> L) {
return CXXBaseListFactory.add(CBS, L);
const clang::ento::PointerToMemberData *accumCXXBase(
llvm::iterator_range<CastExpr::path_const_iterator> PathRange,
const nonloc::PointerToMember &PTM);
const llvm::APSInt* evalAPSInt(BinaryOperator::Opcode Op,
const llvm::APSInt& V1,
const llvm::APSInt& V2);
const std::pair<SVal, uintptr_t>&
getPersistentSValWithData(const SVal& V, uintptr_t Data);
const std::pair<SVal, SVal>&
getPersistentSValPair(const SVal& V1, const SVal& V2);
const SVal* getPersistentSVal(SVal X);
} // end GR namespace
} // end clang namespace