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* Copyright 2015-2019 Arm Limited
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "GLSL.std.450.h"
#include "spirv_cross.hpp"
#include <unordered_map>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <utility>
enum PlsFormat
PlsNone = 0,
struct PlsRemap
uint32_t id;
PlsFormat format;
enum AccessChainFlagBits
typedef uint32_t AccessChainFlags;
class CompilerGLSL : public Compiler
struct Options
// The shading language version. Corresponds to #version $VALUE.
uint32_t version = 450;
// Emit the OpenGL ES shading language instead of desktop OpenGL.
bool es = false;
// Debug option to always emit temporary variables for all expressions.
bool force_temporary = false;
// If true, Vulkan GLSL features are used instead of GL-compatible features.
// Mostly useful for debugging SPIR-V files.
bool vulkan_semantics = false;
// If true, gl_PerVertex is explicitly redeclared in vertex, geometry and tessellation shaders.
// The members of gl_PerVertex is determined by which built-ins are declared by the shader.
// This option is ignored in ES versions, as redeclaration in ES is not required, and it depends on a different extension
// (EXT_shader_io_blocks) which makes things a bit more fuzzy.
bool separate_shader_objects = false;
// Flattens multidimensional arrays, e.g. float foo[a][b][c] into single-dimensional arrays,
// e.g. float foo[a * b * c].
// This function does not change the actual SPIRType of any object.
// Only the generated code, including declarations of interface variables are changed to be single array dimension.
bool flatten_multidimensional_arrays = false;
// For older desktop GLSL targets than version 420, the
// GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack extensions is used to be able to support
// layout(binding) on UBOs and samplers.
// If disabled on older targets, binding decorations will be stripped.
bool enable_420pack_extension = true;
// In non-Vulkan GLSL, emit push constant blocks as UBOs rather than plain uniforms.
bool emit_push_constant_as_uniform_buffer = false;
// Always emit uniform blocks as plain uniforms, regardless of the GLSL version, even when UBOs are supported.
// Does not apply to shader storage or push constant blocks.
bool emit_uniform_buffer_as_plain_uniforms = false;
enum Precision
// GLSL: In vertex shaders, rewrite [0, w] depth (Vulkan/D3D style) to [-w, w] depth (GL style).
// MSL: In vertex shaders, rewrite [-w, w] depth (GL style) to [0, w] depth.
// HLSL: In vertex shaders, rewrite [-w, w] depth (GL style) to [0, w] depth.
bool fixup_clipspace = false;
// Inverts gl_Position.y or equivalent.
bool flip_vert_y = false;
// GLSL only, for HLSL version of this option, see CompilerHLSL.
// If true, the backend will assume that InstanceIndex will need to apply
// a base instance offset. Set to false if you know you will never use base instance
// functionality as it might remove some internal uniforms.
bool support_nonzero_base_instance = true;
} vertex;
// Add precision mediump float in ES targets when emitting GLES source.
// Add precision highp int in ES targets when emitting GLES source.
Precision default_float_precision = Mediump;
Precision default_int_precision = Highp;
} fragment;
void remap_pixel_local_storage(std::vector<PlsRemap> inputs, std::vector<PlsRemap> outputs)
pls_inputs = std::move(inputs);
pls_outputs = std::move(outputs);
explicit CompilerGLSL(std::vector<uint32_t> spirv_)
: Compiler(std::move(spirv_))
CompilerGLSL(const uint32_t *ir_, size_t word_count)
: Compiler(ir_, word_count)
explicit CompilerGLSL(const ParsedIR &ir_)
: Compiler(ir_)
explicit CompilerGLSL(ParsedIR &&ir_)
: Compiler(std::move(ir_))
const Options &get_common_options() const
return options;
void set_common_options(const Options &opts)
options = opts;
std::string compile() override;
// Returns the current string held in the conversion buffer. Useful for
// capturing what has been converted so far when compile() throws an error.
std::string get_partial_source();
// Adds a line to be added right after #version in GLSL backend.
// This is useful for enabling custom extensions which are outside the scope of SPIRV-Cross.
// This can be combined with variable remapping.
// A new-line will be added.
// While add_header_line() is a more generic way of adding arbitrary text to the header
// of a GLSL file, require_extension() should be used when adding extensions since it will
// avoid creating collisions with SPIRV-Cross generated extensions.
// Code added via add_header_line() is typically backend-specific.
void add_header_line(const std::string &str);
// Adds an extension which is required to run this shader, e.g.
// require_extension("GL_KHR_my_extension");
void require_extension(const std::string &ext);
// Legacy GLSL compatibility method.
// Takes a uniform or push constant variable and flattens it into a (i|u)vec4 array[N]; array instead.
// For this to work, all types in the block must be the same basic type, e.g. mixing vec2 and vec4 is fine, but
// mixing int and float is not.
// The name of the uniform array will be the same as the interface block name.
void flatten_buffer_block(uint32_t id);
void reset();
void emit_function(SPIRFunction &func, const Bitset &return_flags);
bool has_extension(const std::string &ext) const;
void require_extension_internal(const std::string &ext);
// Virtualize methods which need to be overridden by subclass targets like C++ and such.
virtual void emit_function_prototype(SPIRFunction &func, const Bitset &return_flags);
SPIRBlock *current_emitting_block = nullptr;
SPIRBlock *current_emitting_switch = nullptr;
virtual void emit_instruction(const Instruction &instr);
void emit_block_instructions(SPIRBlock &block);
virtual void emit_glsl_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op, const uint32_t *args,
uint32_t count);
virtual void emit_spv_amd_shader_ballot_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op,
const uint32_t *args, uint32_t count);
virtual void emit_spv_amd_shader_explicit_vertex_parameter_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op,
const uint32_t *args, uint32_t count);
virtual void emit_spv_amd_shader_trinary_minmax_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op,
const uint32_t *args, uint32_t count);
virtual void emit_spv_amd_gcn_shader_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op, const uint32_t *args,
uint32_t count);
virtual void emit_header();
void build_workgroup_size(SmallVector<std::string> &arguments, const SpecializationConstant &x,
const SpecializationConstant &y, const SpecializationConstant &z);
virtual void emit_sampled_image_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t image_id, uint32_t samp_id);
virtual void emit_texture_op(const Instruction &i);
virtual void emit_subgroup_op(const Instruction &i);
virtual std::string type_to_glsl(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t id = 0);
virtual std::string builtin_to_glsl(spv::BuiltIn builtin, spv::StorageClass storage);
virtual void emit_struct_member(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t member_type_id, uint32_t index,
const std::string &qualifier = "", uint32_t base_offset = 0);
virtual std::string image_type_glsl(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t id = 0);
std::string constant_expression(const SPIRConstant &c);
std::string constant_op_expression(const SPIRConstantOp &cop);
virtual std::string constant_expression_vector(const SPIRConstant &c, uint32_t vector);
virtual void emit_fixup();
virtual std::string variable_decl(const SPIRType &type, const std::string &name, uint32_t id = 0);
virtual std::string to_func_call_arg(uint32_t id);
virtual std::string to_function_name(uint32_t img, const SPIRType &imgtype, bool is_fetch, bool is_gather,
bool is_proj, bool has_array_offsets, bool has_offset, bool has_grad,
bool has_dref, uint32_t lod);
virtual std::string to_function_args(uint32_t img, const SPIRType &imgtype, bool is_fetch, bool is_gather,
bool is_proj, uint32_t coord, uint32_t coord_components, uint32_t dref,
uint32_t grad_x, uint32_t grad_y, uint32_t lod, uint32_t coffset,
uint32_t offset, uint32_t bias, uint32_t comp, uint32_t sample,
bool *p_forward);
virtual void emit_buffer_block(const SPIRVariable &type);
virtual void emit_push_constant_block(const SPIRVariable &var);
virtual void emit_uniform(const SPIRVariable &var);
virtual std::string unpack_expression_type(std::string expr_str, const SPIRType &type, uint32_t packed_type_id);
StringStream<> buffer;
template <typename T>
inline void statement_inner(T &&t)
buffer << std::forward<T>(t);
template <typename T, typename... Ts>
inline void statement_inner(T &&t, Ts &&... ts)
buffer << std::forward<T>(t);
template <typename... Ts>
inline void statement(Ts &&... ts)
if (is_forcing_recompilation())
// Do not bother emitting code while force_recompile is active.
// We will compile again.
if (redirect_statement)
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < indent; i++)
buffer << " ";
buffer << '\n';
template <typename... Ts>
inline void statement_no_indent(Ts &&... ts)
auto old_indent = indent;
indent = 0;
indent = old_indent;
// Used for implementing continue blocks where
// we want to obtain a list of statements we can merge
// on a single line separated by comma.
SmallVector<std::string> *redirect_statement = nullptr;
const SPIRBlock *current_continue_block = nullptr;
void begin_scope();
void end_scope();
void end_scope_decl();
void end_scope_decl(const std::string &decl);
Options options;
std::string type_to_array_glsl(const SPIRType &type);
std::string to_array_size(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index);
uint32_t to_array_size_literal(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index) const;
uint32_t to_array_size_literal(const SPIRType &type) const;
std::string variable_decl(const SPIRVariable &variable);
std::string variable_decl_function_local(SPIRVariable &variable);
void add_local_variable_name(uint32_t id);
void add_resource_name(uint32_t id);
void add_member_name(SPIRType &type, uint32_t name);
void add_function_overload(const SPIRFunction &func);
virtual bool is_non_native_row_major_matrix(uint32_t id);
virtual bool member_is_non_native_row_major_matrix(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index);
bool member_is_packed_type(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index) const;
virtual std::string convert_row_major_matrix(std::string exp_str, const SPIRType &exp_type, bool is_packed);
std::unordered_set<std::string> local_variable_names;
std::unordered_set<std::string> resource_names;
std::unordered_set<std::string> block_input_names;
std::unordered_set<std::string> block_output_names;
std::unordered_set<std::string> block_ubo_names;
std::unordered_set<std::string> block_ssbo_names;
std::unordered_set<std::string> block_names; // A union of all block_*_names.
std::unordered_map<std::string, std::unordered_set<uint64_t>> function_overloads;
std::unordered_map<uint32_t, std::string> preserved_aliases;
void preserve_alias_on_reset(uint32_t id);
void reset_name_caches();
bool processing_entry_point = false;
// Can be overriden by subclass backends for trivial things which
// shouldn't need polymorphism.
struct BackendVariations
std::string discard_literal = "discard";
std::string null_pointer_literal = "";
bool float_literal_suffix = false;
bool double_literal_suffix = true;
bool uint32_t_literal_suffix = true;
bool long_long_literal_suffix = false;
const char *basic_int_type = "int";
const char *basic_uint_type = "uint";
const char *basic_int8_type = "int8_t";
const char *basic_uint8_type = "uint8_t";
const char *basic_int16_type = "int16_t";
const char *basic_uint16_type = "uint16_t";
const char *int16_t_literal_suffix = "s";
const char *uint16_t_literal_suffix = "us";
const char *nonuniform_qualifier = "nonuniformEXT";
bool swizzle_is_function = false;
bool shared_is_implied = false;
bool unsized_array_supported = true;
bool explicit_struct_type = false;
bool use_initializer_list = false;
bool use_typed_initializer_list = false;
bool can_declare_struct_inline = true;
bool can_declare_arrays_inline = true;
bool native_row_major_matrix = true;
bool use_constructor_splatting = true;
bool boolean_mix_support = true;
bool allow_precision_qualifiers = false;
bool can_swizzle_scalar = false;
bool force_gl_in_out_block = false;
bool can_return_array = true;
bool allow_truncated_access_chain = false;
bool supports_extensions = false;
bool supports_empty_struct = false;
bool array_is_value_type = true;
bool comparison_image_samples_scalar = false;
bool native_pointers = false;
} backend;
void emit_struct(SPIRType &type);
void emit_resources();
void emit_buffer_block_native(const SPIRVariable &var);
void emit_buffer_reference_block(SPIRType &type, bool forward_declaration);
void emit_buffer_block_legacy(const SPIRVariable &var);
void emit_buffer_block_flattened(const SPIRVariable &type);
void emit_declared_builtin_block(spv::StorageClass storage, spv::ExecutionModel model);
void emit_push_constant_block_vulkan(const SPIRVariable &var);
void emit_push_constant_block_glsl(const SPIRVariable &var);
void emit_interface_block(const SPIRVariable &type);
void emit_flattened_io_block(const SPIRVariable &var, const char *qual);
void emit_block_chain(SPIRBlock &block);
void emit_hoisted_temporaries(SmallVector<std::pair<uint32_t, uint32_t>> &temporaries);
std::string constant_value_macro_name(uint32_t id);
void emit_constant(const SPIRConstant &constant);
void emit_specialization_constant_op(const SPIRConstantOp &constant);
std::string emit_continue_block(uint32_t continue_block, bool follow_true_block, bool follow_false_block);
bool attempt_emit_loop_header(SPIRBlock &block, SPIRBlock::Method method);
void propagate_loop_dominators(const SPIRBlock &block);
void branch(uint32_t from, uint32_t to);
void branch_to_continue(uint32_t from, uint32_t to);
void branch(uint32_t from, uint32_t cond, uint32_t true_block, uint32_t false_block);
void flush_phi(uint32_t from, uint32_t to);
bool flush_phi_required(uint32_t from, uint32_t to);
void flush_variable_declaration(uint32_t id);
void flush_undeclared_variables(SPIRBlock &block);
bool should_dereference(uint32_t id);
bool should_forward(uint32_t id);
void emit_mix_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t id, uint32_t left, uint32_t right, uint32_t lerp);
void emit_nminmax_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, GLSLstd450 op);
bool to_trivial_mix_op(const SPIRType &type, std::string &op, uint32_t left, uint32_t right, uint32_t lerp);
void emit_quaternary_func_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, uint32_t op2,
uint32_t op3, const char *op);
void emit_trinary_func_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, uint32_t op2,
const char *op);
void emit_binary_func_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, const char *op);
void emit_unary_func_op_cast(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, const char *op,
SPIRType::BaseType input_type, SPIRType::BaseType expected_result_type);
void emit_binary_func_op_cast(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, const char *op,
SPIRType::BaseType input_type, bool skip_cast_if_equal_type);
void emit_trinary_func_op_cast(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, uint32_t op2,
const char *op, SPIRType::BaseType input_type);
void emit_unary_func_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, const char *op);
void emit_unrolled_unary_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t operand, const char *op);
void emit_binary_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, const char *op);
void emit_unrolled_binary_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, const char *op);
void emit_binary_op_cast(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, const char *op,
SPIRType::BaseType input_type, bool skip_cast_if_equal_type);
SPIRType binary_op_bitcast_helper(std::string &cast_op0, std::string &cast_op1, SPIRType::BaseType &input_type,
uint32_t op0, uint32_t op1, bool skip_cast_if_equal_type);
std::string to_ternary_expression(const SPIRType &result_type, uint32_t select, uint32_t true_value,
uint32_t false_value);
void emit_unary_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op0, const char *op);
bool expression_is_forwarded(uint32_t id);
SPIRExpression &emit_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, const std::string &rhs, bool forward_rhs,
bool suppress_usage_tracking = false);
std::string access_chain_internal(uint32_t base, const uint32_t *indices, uint32_t count, AccessChainFlags flags,
AccessChainMeta *meta);
std::string access_chain(uint32_t base, const uint32_t *indices, uint32_t count, const SPIRType &target_type,
AccessChainMeta *meta = nullptr, bool ptr_chain = false);
std::string flattened_access_chain(uint32_t base, const uint32_t *indices, uint32_t count,
const SPIRType &target_type, uint32_t offset, uint32_t matrix_stride,
bool need_transpose);
std::string flattened_access_chain_struct(uint32_t base, const uint32_t *indices, uint32_t count,
const SPIRType &target_type, uint32_t offset);
std::string flattened_access_chain_matrix(uint32_t base, const uint32_t *indices, uint32_t count,
const SPIRType &target_type, uint32_t offset, uint32_t matrix_stride,
bool need_transpose);
std::string flattened_access_chain_vector(uint32_t base, const uint32_t *indices, uint32_t count,
const SPIRType &target_type, uint32_t offset, uint32_t matrix_stride,
bool need_transpose);
std::pair<std::string, uint32_t> flattened_access_chain_offset(const SPIRType &basetype, const uint32_t *indices,
uint32_t count, uint32_t offset,
uint32_t word_stride, bool *need_transpose = nullptr,
uint32_t *matrix_stride = nullptr,
bool ptr_chain = false);
const char *index_to_swizzle(uint32_t index);
std::string remap_swizzle(const SPIRType &result_type, uint32_t input_components, const std::string &expr);
std::string declare_temporary(uint32_t type, uint32_t id);
void emit_uninitialized_temporary(uint32_t type, uint32_t id);
SPIRExpression &emit_uninitialized_temporary_expression(uint32_t type, uint32_t id);
void append_global_func_args(const SPIRFunction &func, uint32_t index, SmallVector<std::string> &arglist);
std::string to_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_enclosed_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_unpacked_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_enclosed_unpacked_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_dereferenced_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_pointer_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_enclosed_pointer_expression(uint32_t id, bool register_expression_read = true);
std::string to_extract_component_expression(uint32_t id, uint32_t index);
std::string enclose_expression(const std::string &expr);
std::string dereference_expression(const SPIRType &expression_type, const std::string &expr);
std::string address_of_expression(const std::string &expr);
void strip_enclosed_expression(std::string &expr);
std::string to_member_name(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index);
virtual std::string to_member_reference(uint32_t base, const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index, bool ptr_chain);
std::string type_to_glsl_constructor(const SPIRType &type);
std::string argument_decl(const SPIRFunction::Parameter &arg);
virtual std::string to_qualifiers_glsl(uint32_t id);
const char *to_precision_qualifiers_glsl(uint32_t id);
virtual const char *to_storage_qualifiers_glsl(const SPIRVariable &var);
const char *flags_to_qualifiers_glsl(const SPIRType &type, const Bitset &flags);
const char *format_to_glsl(spv::ImageFormat format);
virtual std::string layout_for_member(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index);
virtual std::string to_interpolation_qualifiers(const Bitset &flags);
std::string layout_for_variable(const SPIRVariable &variable);
std::string to_combined_image_sampler(uint32_t image_id, uint32_t samp_id);
virtual bool skip_argument(uint32_t id) const;
virtual void emit_array_copy(const std::string &lhs, uint32_t rhs_id);
virtual void emit_block_hints(const SPIRBlock &block);
virtual std::string to_initializer_expression(const SPIRVariable &var);
bool buffer_is_packing_standard(const SPIRType &type, BufferPackingStandard packing, uint32_t start_offset = 0,
uint32_t end_offset = ~(0u));
std::string buffer_to_packing_standard(const SPIRType &type, bool enable_std430);
uint32_t type_to_packed_base_size(const SPIRType &type, BufferPackingStandard packing);
uint32_t type_to_packed_alignment(const SPIRType &type, const Bitset &flags, BufferPackingStandard packing);
uint32_t type_to_packed_array_stride(const SPIRType &type, const Bitset &flags, BufferPackingStandard packing);
uint32_t type_to_packed_size(const SPIRType &type, const Bitset &flags, BufferPackingStandard packing);
std::string bitcast_glsl(const SPIRType &result_type, uint32_t arg);
virtual std::string bitcast_glsl_op(const SPIRType &result_type, const SPIRType &argument_type);
std::string bitcast_expression(SPIRType::BaseType target_type, uint32_t arg);
std::string bitcast_expression(const SPIRType &target_type, SPIRType::BaseType expr_type, const std::string &expr);
std::string build_composite_combiner(uint32_t result_type, const uint32_t *elems, uint32_t length);
bool remove_duplicate_swizzle(std::string &op);
bool remove_unity_swizzle(uint32_t base, std::string &op);
// Can modify flags to remote readonly/writeonly if image type
// and force recompile.
bool check_atomic_image(uint32_t id);
virtual void replace_illegal_names();
virtual void emit_entry_point_declarations();
void replace_fragment_output(SPIRVariable &var);
void replace_fragment_outputs();
bool check_explicit_lod_allowed(uint32_t lod);
std::string legacy_tex_op(const std::string &op, const SPIRType &imgtype, uint32_t lod, uint32_t id);
uint32_t indent = 0;
std::unordered_set<uint32_t> emitted_functions;
std::unordered_set<uint32_t> flattened_buffer_blocks;
std::unordered_set<uint32_t> flattened_structs;
std::string load_flattened_struct(SPIRVariable &var);
std::string to_flattened_struct_member(const SPIRVariable &var, uint32_t index);
void store_flattened_struct(SPIRVariable &var, uint32_t value);
// Usage tracking. If a temporary is used more than once, use the temporary instead to
// avoid AST explosion when SPIRV is generated with pure SSA and doesn't write stuff to variables.
std::unordered_map<uint32_t, uint32_t> expression_usage_counts;
void track_expression_read(uint32_t id);
SmallVector<std::string> forced_extensions;
SmallVector<std::string> header_lines;
// Used when expressions emit extra opcodes with their own unique IDs,
// and we need to reuse the IDs across recompilation loops.
// Currently used by NMin/Max/Clamp implementations.
std::unordered_map<uint32_t, uint32_t> extra_sub_expressions;
uint32_t statement_count = 0;
inline bool is_legacy() const
return ( && options.version < 300) || (! && options.version < 130);
inline bool is_legacy_es() const
return && options.version < 300;
inline bool is_legacy_desktop() const
return ! && options.version < 130;
bool args_will_forward(uint32_t id, const uint32_t *args, uint32_t num_args, bool pure);
void register_call_out_argument(uint32_t id);
void register_impure_function_call();
void register_control_dependent_expression(uint32_t expr);
// GL_EXT_shader_pixel_local_storage support.
std::vector<PlsRemap> pls_inputs;
std::vector<PlsRemap> pls_outputs;
std::string pls_decl(const PlsRemap &variable);
const char *to_pls_qualifiers_glsl(const SPIRVariable &variable);
void emit_pls();
void remap_pls_variables();
// A variant which takes two sets of name. The secondary is only used to verify there are no collisions,
// but the set is not updated when we have found a new name.
// Used primarily when adding block interface names.
void add_variable(std::unordered_set<std::string> &variables_primary,
const std::unordered_set<std::string> &variables_secondary, std::string &name);
void check_function_call_constraints(const uint32_t *args, uint32_t length);
void handle_invalid_expression(uint32_t id);
void find_static_extensions();
std::string emit_for_loop_initializers(const SPIRBlock &block);
void emit_while_loop_initializers(const SPIRBlock &block);
bool for_loop_initializers_are_same_type(const SPIRBlock &block);
bool optimize_read_modify_write(const SPIRType &type, const std::string &lhs, const std::string &rhs);
void fixup_image_load_store_access();
bool type_is_empty(const SPIRType &type);
virtual void declare_undefined_values();
static std::string sanitize_underscores(const std::string &str);
bool can_use_io_location(spv::StorageClass storage, bool block);
const Instruction *get_next_instruction_in_block(const Instruction &instr);
static uint32_t mask_relevant_memory_semantics(uint32_t semantics);
std::string convert_half_to_string(const SPIRConstant &value, uint32_t col, uint32_t row);
std::string convert_float_to_string(const SPIRConstant &value, uint32_t col, uint32_t row);
std::string convert_double_to_string(const SPIRConstant &value, uint32_t col, uint32_t row);
std::string convert_separate_image_to_expression(uint32_t id);
// Builtins in GLSL are always specific signedness, but the SPIR-V can declare them
// as either unsigned or signed.
// Sometimes we will need to automatically perform bitcasts on load and store to make this work.
virtual void bitcast_to_builtin_store(uint32_t target_id, std::string &expr, const SPIRType &expr_type);
virtual void bitcast_from_builtin_load(uint32_t source_id, std::string &expr, const SPIRType &expr_type);
void unroll_array_from_complex_load(uint32_t target_id, uint32_t source_id, std::string &expr);
void convert_non_uniform_expression(const SPIRType &type, std::string &expr);
void handle_store_to_invariant_variable(uint32_t store_id, uint32_t value_id);
void disallow_forwarding_in_expression_chain(const SPIRExpression &expr);
bool expression_is_constant_null(uint32_t id) const;
virtual void emit_store_statement(uint32_t lhs_expression, uint32_t rhs_expression);
uint32_t get_integer_width_for_instruction(const Instruction &instr) const;
uint32_t get_integer_width_for_glsl_instruction(GLSLstd450 op, const uint32_t *arguments, uint32_t length) const;
bool variable_is_lut(const SPIRVariable &var) const;
char current_locale_radix_character = '.';
void init();