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* Copyright 2016-2018 Robert Konrad
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "spirv_glsl.hpp"
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
namespace spirv_cross
// Interface which remaps vertex inputs to a fixed semantic name to make linking easier.
struct HLSLVertexAttributeRemap
uint32_t location;
std::string semantic;
// Specifying a root constant (d3d12) or push constant range (vulkan).
// `start` and `end` denotes the range of the root constant in bytes.
// Both values need to be multiple of 4.
struct RootConstants
uint32_t start;
uint32_t end;
uint32_t binding;
uint32_t space;
class CompilerHLSL : public CompilerGLSL
struct Options
uint32_t shader_model = 30; // TODO: map ps_4_0_level_9_0,... somehow
// Allows the PointSize builtin, and ignores it, as PointSize is not supported in HLSL.
bool point_size_compat = false;
// Allows the PointCoord builtin, returns float2(0.5, 0.5), as PointCoord is not supported in HLSL.
bool point_coord_compat = false;
CompilerHLSL(std::vector<uint32_t> spirv_)
: CompilerGLSL(move(spirv_))
CompilerHLSL(const uint32_t *ir, size_t size)
: CompilerGLSL(ir, size)
SPIRV_CROSS_DEPRECATED("CompilerHLSL::get_options() is obsolete, use get_hlsl_options() instead.")
const Options &get_options() const
return hlsl_options;
const Options &get_hlsl_options() const
return hlsl_options;
SPIRV_CROSS_DEPRECATED("CompilerHLSL::get_options() is obsolete, use set_hlsl_options() instead.")
void set_options(Options &opts)
hlsl_options = opts;
void set_hlsl_options(const Options &opts)
hlsl_options = opts;
// Optionally specify a custom root constant layout.
// Push constants ranges will be split up according to the
// layout specified.
void set_root_constant_layouts(std::vector<RootConstants> layout)
root_constants_layout = std::move(layout);
// Compiles and remaps vertex attributes at specific locations to a fixed semantic.
// The default is TEXCOORD# where # denotes location.
// Matrices are unrolled to vectors with notation ${SEMANTIC}_#, where # denotes row.
// $SEMANTIC is either TEXCOORD# or a semantic name specified here.
std::string compile(std::vector<HLSLVertexAttributeRemap> vertex_attributes);
std::string compile() override;
// This is a special HLSL workaround for the NumWorkGroups builtin.
// This does not exist in HLSL, so the calling application must create a dummy cbuffer in
// which the application will store this builtin.
// The cbuffer layout will be:
// cbuffer SPIRV_Cross_NumWorkgroups : register(b#, space#) { uint3 SPIRV_Cross_NumWorkgroups_count; };
// This must be called before compile().
// The function returns 0 if NumWorkGroups builtin is not statically used in the shader from the current entry point.
// If non-zero, this returns the variable ID of a cbuffer which corresponds to
// the cbuffer declared above. By default, no binding or descriptor set decoration is set,
// so the calling application should declare explicit bindings on this ID before calling compile().
uint32_t remap_num_workgroups_builtin();
std::string type_to_glsl(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t id = 0) override;
std::string image_type_hlsl(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t id);
std::string image_type_hlsl_modern(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t id);
std::string image_type_hlsl_legacy(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t id);
void emit_function_prototype(SPIRFunction &func, const Bitset &return_flags) override;
void emit_hlsl_entry_point();
void emit_header() override;
void emit_resources();
void emit_interface_block_globally(const SPIRVariable &type);
void emit_interface_block_in_struct(const SPIRVariable &type, std::unordered_set<uint32_t> &active_locations);
void emit_builtin_inputs_in_struct();
void emit_builtin_outputs_in_struct();
void emit_texture_op(const Instruction &i) override;
void emit_instruction(const Instruction &instruction) override;
void emit_glsl_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t op, const uint32_t *args,
uint32_t count) override;
void emit_buffer_block(const SPIRVariable &type) override;
void emit_push_constant_block(const SPIRVariable &var) override;
void emit_uniform(const SPIRVariable &var) override;
void emit_modern_uniform(const SPIRVariable &var);
void emit_legacy_uniform(const SPIRVariable &var);
void emit_specialization_constants();
void emit_composite_constants();
void emit_fixup() override;
std::string builtin_to_glsl(spv::BuiltIn builtin, spv::StorageClass storage) override;
std::string layout_for_member(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t index) override;
std::string to_interpolation_qualifiers(const Bitset &flags) override;
std::string bitcast_glsl_op(const SPIRType &result_type, const SPIRType &argument_type) override;
std::string to_func_call_arg(uint32_t id) override;
std::string to_sampler_expression(uint32_t id);
std::string to_resource_binding(const SPIRVariable &var);
std::string to_resource_binding_sampler(const SPIRVariable &var);
std::string to_resource_register(char space, uint32_t binding, uint32_t set);
void emit_sampled_image_op(uint32_t result_type, uint32_t result_id, uint32_t image_id, uint32_t samp_id) override;
void emit_access_chain(const Instruction &instruction);
void emit_load(const Instruction &instruction);
std::string read_access_chain(const SPIRAccessChain &chain);
void write_access_chain(const SPIRAccessChain &chain, uint32_t value);
void emit_store(const Instruction &instruction);
void emit_atomic(const uint32_t *ops, uint32_t length, spv::Op op);
void emit_subgroup_op(const Instruction &i) override;
void emit_block_hints(const SPIRBlock &block) override;
void emit_struct_member(const SPIRType &type, uint32_t member_type_id, uint32_t index, const std::string &qualifier,
uint32_t base_offset = 0) override;
const char *to_storage_qualifiers_glsl(const SPIRVariable &var) override;
void replace_illegal_names() override;
Options hlsl_options;
bool requires_op_fmod = false;
bool requires_textureProj = false;
bool requires_fp16_packing = false;
bool requires_explicit_fp16_packing = false;
bool requires_unorm8_packing = false;
bool requires_snorm8_packing = false;
bool requires_unorm16_packing = false;
bool requires_snorm16_packing = false;
bool requires_bitfield_insert = false;
bool requires_bitfield_extract = false;
bool requires_inverse_2x2 = false;
bool requires_inverse_3x3 = false;
bool requires_inverse_4x4 = false;
uint64_t required_textureSizeVariants = 0;
void require_texture_query_variant(const SPIRType &type);
enum TextureQueryVariantDim
Query1D = 0,
enum TextureQueryVariantType
QueryTypeFloat = 0,
QueryTypeInt = 16,
QueryTypeUInt = 32,
QueryTypeCount = 3
void emit_builtin_variables();
bool require_output = false;
bool require_input = false;
std::vector<HLSLVertexAttributeRemap> remap_vertex_attributes;
uint32_t type_to_consumed_locations(const SPIRType &type) const;
void emit_io_block(const SPIRVariable &var);
std::string to_semantic(uint32_t vertex_location);
uint32_t num_workgroups_builtin = 0;
// Custom root constant layout, which should be emitted
// when translating push constant ranges.
std::vector<RootConstants> root_constants_layout;
} // namespace spirv_cross