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.TH "SDL_Surface" "3" "Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01" "SDL" "SDL API Reference"
SDL_Surface \- Graphical Surface Structure
\f(CWtypedef struct SDL_Surface {
Uint32 flags; /* Read-only */
SDL_PixelFormat *format; /* Read-only */
int w, h; /* Read-only */
Uint16 pitch; /* Read-only */
void *pixels; /* Read-write */
/* clipping information */
SDL_Rect clip_rect; /* Read-only */
/* Reference count -- used when freeing surface */
int refcount; /* Read-mostly */
/* This structure also contains private fields not shown here */
} SDL_Surface;\fR
.TP 20
Surface flags
.TP 20
Pixel \fIformat\fR
.TP 20
\fBw, h\fR
Width and height of the surface
.TP 20
Length of a surface scanline in bytes
.TP 20
Pointer to the actual pixel data
.TP 20
surface clip \fIrectangle\fR
\fBSDL_Surface\fR\&'s represent areas of "graphical" memory, memory that can be drawn to\&. The video framebuffer is returned as a \fBSDL_Surface\fR by \fI\fBSDL_SetVideoMode\fP\fR and \fI\fBSDL_GetVideoSurface\fP\fR\&. Most of the fields should be pretty obvious\&. \fBw\fR and \fBh\fR are the width and height of the surface in pixels\&. \fBpixels\fR is a pointer to the actual pixel data, the surface should be \fIlocked\fR before accessing this field\&. The \fBclip_rect\fR field is the clipping rectangle as set by \fI\fBSDL_SetClipRect\fP\fR\&.
The following are supported in the \fBflags\fR field\&.
.TP 20
Surface is stored in system memory
.TP 20
Surface is stored in video memory
.TP 20
Surface uses asynchronous blits if possible
.TP 20
Allows any pixel-format (Display surface)
.TP 20
Surface has exclusive palette
.TP 20
Surface is double buffered (Display surface)
.TP 20
Surface is full screen (Display Surface)
.TP 20
Surface has an OpenGL context (Display Surface)
.TP 20
Surface supports OpenGL blitting (Display Surface)
.TP 20
Surface is resizable (Display Surface)
.TP 20
Surface blit uses hardware acceleration
.TP 20
Surface use colorkey blitting
.TP 20
Colorkey blitting is accelerated with RLE
.TP 20
Surface blit uses alpha blending
.TP 20
Surface uses preallocated memory
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