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.TH "SDL_Palette" "3" "Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01" "SDL" "SDL API Reference"
SDL_Palette \- Color palette for 8-bit pixel formats
\f(CWtypedef struct{
int ncolors;
SDL_Color *colors;
} SDL_Palette;\fR
.TP 20
Number of colors used in this palette
.TP 20
Pointer to \fI\fBSDL_Color\fR\fR structures that make up the palette\&.
Each pixel in an 8-bit surface is an index into the \fBcolors\fR field of the \fBSDL_Palette\fR structure store in \fI\fBSDL_PixelFormat\fR\fR\&. A \fBSDL_Palette\fR should never need to be created manually\&. It is automatically created when SDL allocates a \fBSDL_PixelFormat\fR for a surface\&. The colors values of a \fI\fBSDL_Surface\fR\fRs palette can be set with the \fI\fBSDL_SetColors\fP\fR\&.
\fI\fBSDL_Color\fR\fR, \fI\fBSDL_Surface\fR\fR, \fI\fBSDL_SetColors\fP\fR \fI\fBSDL_SetPalette\fP\fR
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