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.TH "SDL_EnableKeyRepeat" "3" "Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59" "SDL" "SDL API Reference"
SDL_EnableKeyRepeat \- Set keyboard repeat rate\&.
\fB#include "SDL\&.h"
\fBint \fBSDL_EnableKeyRepeat\fP\fR(\fBint delay, int interval\fR);
Enables or disables the keyboard repeat rate\&. \fBdelay\fR specifies how long the key must be pressed before it begins repeating, it then repeats at the speed specified by \fBinterval\fR\&. Both \fBdelay\fR and \fBinterval\fR are expressed in milliseconds\&.
Setting \fBdelay\fR to 0 disables key repeating completely\&. Good default values are \fBSDL_DEFAULT_REPEAT_DELAY\fP and \fISDL_DEFAULT_REPEAT_INTERVAL\fP\&.
Returns \fB0\fR on success and \fB-1\fR on failure\&.
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