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.TH "SDL_ActiveEvent" "3" "Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59" "SDL" "SDL API Reference"
SDL_ActiveEvent \- Application visibility event structure
\f(CWtypedef struct{
Uint8 type;
Uint8 gain;
Uint8 state;
} SDL_ActiveEvent;\fR
.TP 20
.TP 20
0 if the event is a loss or 1 if it is a gain\&.
.TP 20
\fBSDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS\fP if mouse focus was gained or lost, \fBSDL_APPINPUTFOCUS\fP if input focus was gained or lost, or \fBSDL_APPACTIVE\fP if the application was iconified (\fBgain\fR=0) or restored(\fBgain\fR=1)\&.
\fBSDL_ActiveEvent\fR is a member of the \fI\fBSDL_Event\fR\fR union and is used when an event of type \fBSDL_ACTIVEEVENT\fP is reported\&.
When the mouse leaves or enters the window area a \fBSDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS\fP type activation event occurs, if the mouse entered the window then \fBgain\fR will be 1, otherwise \fBgain\fR will be 0\&. A \fBSDL_APPINPUTFOCUS\fP type activation event occurs when the application loses or gains keyboard focus\&. This usually occurs when another application is made active\&. Finally, a \fBSDL_APPACTIVE\fP type event occurs when the application is either minimised/iconified (\fBgain\fR=0) or restored\&.
This event does not occur when an application window is first created\&.
\fI\fBSDL_Event\fR\fR, \fI\fBSDL_GetAppState\fP\fR
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