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#ifndef _CONN_INFO_H
#define _CONN_INFO_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct _TimeoutControl {
time_t mTimestampStart;
time_t mTimestampLast;
unsigned mFixups;
struct _CMCIConnection {
CMCIConnectionFT *ft;
CURL *mHandle; // The handle to the curl object
struct curl_slist *mHeaders; // The list of headers sent with each request
UtilStringBuffer *mBody; // The body of the request
UtilStringBuffer *mUri; // The uri of the request
UtilStringBuffer *mUserPass; // The username/password used in authentication
UtilStringBuffer *mResponse; // Used to store the HTTP response
CMPIStatus mStatus; // returned request status (via HTTP trailers)
struct _TimeoutControl mTimeout; /* Used for timeout control */
#ifdef __cplusplus