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#ifndef Sfcc_CimcArray_h
#define Sfcc_CimcArray_h
#include "cimcdt.h"
#include "cimcft.h"
#include "CimData.h"
class CimcArray;
class CimcInstance;
class CimcData;
class CimcArrayIdx {
friend class CimcArray;
const CimcArray &ar;
cimcCount idx;
CimcArrayIdx(const CimcArray &a, cimcCount i);
CimcArrayIdx& operator=(const CimData&);
CimData getData() const;
operator CimString() const;
operator const char* () const;
operator CimDateTime() const;
operator CimInstance() const;
operator CimObjectPath() const;
operator cimcSint8() const;
operator cimcSint16() const;
operator cimcSint32() const;
operator int() const;
operator cimcSint64() const;
operator unsigned char() const;
operator unsigned short() const;
operator cimcUint32() const;
operator unsigned int() const;
operator cimcUint64() const;
operator cimcReal32() const;
operator cimcReal64() const;
/** This class wraps a cimcData value array.
Index operations use the [] operator.
Data extraction uses type conversion operators.
Extraction operations can be appended to an array indexing operation
like this:
CimcString state;
CimcArray states;
Assignment statements use array indexing operations as well:
Type mismatches will be signalled by exceptions.
class CimcArray {
friend class CimcArrayIdx;
friend class CimcData;
friend class CimData;
friend class CimcEnumeration;
friend class sfccPtr<CimcArray, cimcArray>;
cimcArray *enc;
void operator=(int x);
cimcArray *getEnc() const;
CimcArray(cimcArray *arr);
int decRefCount();
int incRefCount();
void releaseEnc();
CimcArray(cimcCount max, cimcType type);
cimcCount size() const;
CimcArrayIdx operator[](int idx) const;