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//! This module implements and describes common TTY methods & traits
use std::io::Write;
use Result;
use config::Config;
use consts::KeyPress;
/// Terminal state
pub trait RawMode: Copy + Sized {
/// Disable RAW mode for the terminal.
fn disable_raw_mode(&self) -> Result<()>;
/// Translate bytes read from stdin to keys.
pub trait RawReader: Sized {
/// Blocking read of key pressed.
fn next_key(&mut self) -> Result<KeyPress>;
/// For CTRL-V support
fn next_char(&mut self) -> Result<char>;
/// Terminal contract
pub trait Term: Clone {
type Reader: RawReader;
type Writer: Write;
type Mode: RawMode;
fn new() -> Self;
/// Check if current terminal can provide a rich line-editing user interface.
fn is_unsupported(&self) -> bool;
/// check if stdin is connected to a terminal.
fn is_stdin_tty(&self) -> bool;
/// Get the number of columns in the current terminal.
fn get_columns(&self) -> usize;
/// Get the number of rows in the current terminal.
fn get_rows(&self) -> usize;
/// Check if a SIGWINCH signal has been received
fn sigwinch(&self) -> bool;
/// Enable RAW mode for the terminal.
fn enable_raw_mode(&self) -> Result<Self::Mode>;
/// Create a RAW reader
fn create_reader(&self, config: &Config) -> Result<Self::Reader>;
/// Create a writer
fn create_writer(&self) -> Self::Writer;
/// Clear the screen. Used to handle ctrl+l
fn clear_screen(&mut self, w: &mut Write) -> Result<()>;
// If on Windows platform import Windows TTY module
// and re-export into scope
#[cfg(all(windows, not(test)))]
mod windows;
#[cfg(all(windows, not(test)))]
pub use self::windows::*;
// If on Unix platform import Unix TTY module
// and re-export into scope
#[cfg(all(unix, not(any(test, target_os = "fuchsia"))))]
mod unix;
#[cfg(all(unix, not(any(test, target_os = "fuchsia"))))]
pub use self::unix::*;
// If on a Fuchsia platform import Fuchsia TTY module
// and re-export into scope
#[cfg(target_os = "fuchsia")]
mod fuchsia;
#[cfg(target_os = "fuchsia")]
pub use self::fuchsia::*;
mod test;
pub use self::test::*;