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nuget {
//Usage: Write-NuGetPackage rapidjson.autopkg -defines:MYVERSION=1.1.0
//Be sure you are running Powershell 3.0 and have the CoApp powershell extensions installed properly.
nuspec {
id = rapidjson;
version : ${MYVERSION};
title: "rapidjson";
authors: {""};
owners: {"@lsantos (github)"};
licenseUrl: "";
projectUrl: "";
iconUrl: "";
summary: @"A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API";
// if you need to span several lines you can prefix a string with an @ symbol (exactly like c# does).
description: @"Rapidjson is an attempt to create the fastest JSON parser and generator.
- Small but complete. Supports both SAX and DOM style API. SAX parser only a few hundred lines of code.
- Fast. In the order of magnitude of strlen(). Optionally supports SSE2/SSE4.2 for acceleration.
- Self-contained. Minimal dependency on standard libraries. No BOOST, not even STL.
- Compact. Each JSON value is 16 or 20 bytes for 32 or 64-bit machines respectively (excluding text string storage). With the custom memory allocator, parser allocates memory compactly during parsing.
- Full RFC4627 compliance. Supports UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32.
- Support both in-situ parsing (directly decode strings into the source JSON text) and non-destructive parsing (decode strings into new buffers).
- Parse number to int/unsigned/int64_t/uint64_t/double depending on input
- Support custom memory allocation. Also, the default memory pool allocator can also be supplied with a user buffer (such as a buffer allocated on user's heap or - programme stack) to minimize allocation.
As the name implies, rapidjson is inspired by rapidxml.";
releaseNotes: @"
Add Value::XXXMember(...) overloads for std::string (#335)
Include rapidjson.h for all internal/error headers.
Parsing some numbers incorrectly in full-precision mode (kFullPrecisionParseFlag) (#342)
Fix alignment of 64bit platforms (#328)
Fix MemoryPoolAllocator::Clear() to clear user-buffer (0691502)
CMakeLists for include as a thirdparty in projects (#334, #337)
Change Document::ParseStream() to use stack allocator for Reader (ffbe386)";
copyright: "Copyright 2015";
tags: { native, coapp, JSON, nativepackage };
language: en-US;
dependencies {
packages : {
//TODO: Add dependencies here in []/[version] form per newline
// the files that go into the content folders
files {
#defines {
SDK_ROOT = .\;
// grab all the files in the include folder
// the folder that contains all the .h files will
// automatically get added to the Includes path.
nestedinclude += {
#destination = ${d_include}rapidjson;
targets {
// We're trying to be standard about these sorts of thing. (Will help with config.h later :D)
//Defines += HAS_EQCORE;
// Fix creating the package with Raggles' fork of CoApp
Includes += "$(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)../..${d_include}";