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.PHONY: help
@echo "python packaging help:"
@echo ""
@echo "make check-pipenv:"
@echo " Run tests in pipenv's virtual environment."
@echo " These tests use the oldest dependencies."
@echo " Requires: Python 3.6 and pipenv."
@echo " Hint (Fedora): 'sudo dnf install python3.6 pipenv'"
@echo ""
@echo "make check-tox:"
@echo " Run tests against multiple python versions."
@echo " These tests use the newest dependencies."
@echo " Requires: Python 3.6 - 3.10, and tox."
@echo " Hint (Fedora): 'sudo dnf install python3-tox python3.10'"
@echo " The variable QEMU_TOX_EXTRA_ARGS can be use to pass extra"
@echo " arguments to tox".
@echo ""
@echo "make check-dev:"
@echo " Run tests in a venv against your default python3 version."
@echo " These tests use the newest dependencies."
@echo " Requires: Python 3.x"
@echo ""
@echo "make check:"
@echo " Run tests in your *current environment*."
@echo " Performs no environment setup of any kind."
@echo ""
@echo "make develop:"
@echo " Install deps needed for 'make check',"
@echo " and install the qemu package in editable mode."
@echo " (Can be used in or outside of a venv.)"
@echo ""
@echo "make pipenv"
@echo " Creates pipenv's virtual environment (.venv)"
@echo ""
@echo "make dev-venv"
@echo " Creates a simple venv for check-dev. ($(QEMU_VENV_DIR))"
@echo ""
@echo "make clean:"
@echo " Remove package build output."
@echo ""
@echo "make distclean:"
@echo " remove pipenv/venv files, qemu package forwarder,"
@echo " built distribution files, and everything from 'make clean'."
@echo ""
@echo -e "Have a nice day ^_^\n"
.PHONY: pipenv
pipenv: .venv
.venv: Pipfile.lock
@PIPENV_VENV_IN_PROJECT=1 pipenv sync --dev --keep-outdated
rm -f pyproject.toml
@touch .venv
.PHONY: check-pipenv
check-pipenv: pipenv
@pipenv run make check
.PHONY: dev-venv
dev-venv: $(QEMU_VENV_DIR) $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)/bin/activate
$(QEMU_VENV_DIR) $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)/bin/activate: setup.cfg
@python3 -m venv $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)
@( \
. $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)/bin/activate; \
echo "INSTALL qemu[devel] $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)"; \
make develop 1>/dev/null; \
@touch $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)
.PHONY: check-dev
check-dev: dev-venv
@( \
. $(QEMU_VENV_DIR)/bin/activate; \
make check; \
.PHONY: develop
pip3 install --disable-pip-version-check -e .[devel]
.PHONY: check
@avocado --config avocado.cfg run tests/
.PHONY: check-tox
.PHONY: check-coverage
@coverage run -m avocado --config avocado.cfg run tests/*.py
@coverage combine
@coverage html
@coverage report
.PHONY: clean
python3 clean --all
rm -f pyproject.toml
.PHONY: distclean
distclean: clean
rm -rf qemu.egg-info/ .venv/ .tox/ $(QEMU_VENV_DIR) dist/
rm -f .coverage .coverage.*
rm -rf htmlcov/