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Cirrus CI integration
GitLab CI shared runners only provide a docker environment running on Linux.
While it is possible to provide private runners for non-Linux platforms this
is not something most contributors/maintainers will wish to do.
To work around this limitation, we take advantage of `Cirrus CI`_'s free
offering: more specifically, we use the `cirrus-run`_ script to trigger Cirrus
CI jobs from GitLab CI jobs so that Cirrus CI job output is integrated into
the main GitLab CI pipeline dashboard.
There is, however, some one-time setup required. If you want FreeBSD and macOS
builds to happen when you push to your GitLab repository, you need to
* set up a GitHub repository for the project, eg. ``yourusername/qemu``.
This repository needs to exist for cirrus-run to work, but it doesn't need to
be kept up to date, so you can create it and then forget about it;
* enable the `Cirrus CI GitHub app`_ for your GitHub account;
* sign up for Cirrus CI. It's enough to log into the website using your GitHub
* grab an API token from the `Cirrus CI settings`_ page;
* it may be necessary to push an empty ``.cirrus.yml`` file to your github fork
for Cirrus CI to properly recognize the project. You can check whether
Cirrus CI knows about your project by navigating to:
* in the *CI/CD / Variables* section of the settings page for your GitLab
repository, create two new variables:
* ``CIRRUS_GITHUB_REPO``, containing the name of the GitHub repository
created earlier, eg. ``yourusername/qemu``;
* ``CIRRUS_API_TOKEN``, containing the Cirrus CI API token generated earlier.
This variable **must** be marked as *Masked*, because anyone with knowledge
of it can impersonate you as far as Cirrus CI is concerned.
Neither of these variables should be marked as *Protected*, because in
general you'll want to be able to trigger Cirrus CI builds from non-protected
Once this one-time setup is complete, you can just keep pushing to your GitLab
repository as usual and you'll automatically get the additional CI coverage.
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