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# See docs/devel/tracing.rst for syntax documentation.
# mmu_helper.c
get_skeys_nonzero(int rc) "SKEY: Call to get_skeys unexpectedly returned %d"
set_skeys_nonzero(int rc) "SKEY: Call to set_skeys unexpectedly returned %d"
# ioinst.c
ioinst(const char *insn) "IOINST: %s"
ioinst_sch_id(const char *insn, int cssid, int ssid, int schid) "IOINST: %s (%x.%x.%04x)"
ioinst_chp_id(const char *insn, int cssid, int chpid) "IOINST: %s (%x.%02x)"
ioinst_chsc_cmd(uint16_t cmd, uint16_t len) "IOINST: chsc command 0x%04x, len 0x%04x"
# cpu-sysemu.c
cpu_set_state(int cpu_index, uint8_t state) "setting cpu %d state to %" PRIu8
cpu_halt(int cpu_index) "halting cpu %d"
cpu_unhalt(int cpu_index) "unhalting cpu %d"
# sigp.c
sigp_finished(uint8_t order, int cpu_index, int dst_index, int cc) "SIGP: Finished order %u on cpu %d -> cpu %d with cc=%d"