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# The CI jobs defined here require GitLab runners installed and
# registered on machines that match their operating system names,
# versions and architectures. This is in contrast to the other CI
# jobs that are intended to run on GitLab's "shared" runners.
# Different than the default approach on "shared" runners, based on
# containers, the custom runners have no such *requirement*, as those
# jobs should be capable of running on operating systems with no
# compatible container implementation, or no support from
# gitlab-runner. To avoid problems that gitlab-runner can cause while
# reusing the GIT repository, let's enable the clone strategy, which
# guarantees a fresh repository on each job run.
- local: '/.gitlab-ci.d/custom-runners/ubuntu-20.04-s390x.yml'
- local: '/.gitlab-ci.d/custom-runners/ubuntu-20.04-aarch64.yml'
- local: '/.gitlab-ci.d/custom-runners/ubuntu-20.04-aarch32.yml'
- local: '/.gitlab-ci.d/custom-runners/centos-stream-8-x86_64.yml'