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QEMU Python Tooling
This package provides QEMU tooling used by the QEMU project to build,
configure, and test QEMU. It is not a fully-fledged SDK and it is subject
to change at any time.
The ``qemu.qmp`` subpackage provides a library for communicating with
QMP servers. The ``qemu.machine`` subpackage offers rudimentary
facilities for launching and managing QEMU processes. Refer to each
package's documentation
(``>>> help(qemu.qmp)``, ``>>> help(qemu.machine)``)
for more information.
This package is maintained by John Snow <> as part of
the QEMU source tree. Contributions are welcome and follow the `QEMU
patch submission process
<>`_, which involves
sending patches to the QEMU development mailing list.
John maintains a `GitLab staging branch
<>`_, and there is an
official `GitLab mirror <>`_.
Please report bugs on the `QEMU issue tracker
<>`_ and tag ``@jsnow`` in
the report.
Optional packages necessary for running code quality analysis for this
package can be installed with the optional dependency group "devel":
``pip install qemu[devel]``.
``make develop`` can be used to install this package in editable mode
(to the current environment) *and* bring in testing dependencies in one
``make check`` can be used to run the available tests.