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- SeaBIOS (bios.bin) is the successor of pc bios.
See for more information.
- The VGA BIOS and the Cirrus VGA BIOS come from the LGPL VGA bios
project (
- OpenBIOS ( is a free (GPL v2) portable
firmware implementation. The goal is to implement a 100% IEEE
1275-1994 (referred to as Open Firmware) compliant firmware.
The included images for PowerPC (for 32 and 64 bit PPC CPUs),
Sparc32 (including QEMU,tcx.bin and QEMU,cgthree.bin) and Sparc64 are built
from OpenBIOS SVN revision 1280.
- SLOF (Slimline Open Firmware) is a free IEEE 1275 Open Firmware
implementation for certain IBM POWER hardware. The sources are at, and the image currently in qemu is
built from git tag qemu-slof-20220110.
- VOF (Virtual Open Firmware) is a minimalistic firmware to work with
-machine pseries,x-vof=on. When enabled, the firmware acts as a slim shim and
QEMU implements parts of the IEEE 1275 Open Firmware interface.
- sgabios (the Serial Graphics Adapter option ROM) provides a means for
legacy x86 software to communicate with an attached serial console as
if a video card were attached. The master sources reside in a subversion
repository at A git mirror is
available at
- The PXE roms come from the iPXE project. Built with BANNER_TIME 0.
Sources available at Vendor:Device ID -> ROM mapping:
8086:100e -> pxe-e1000.rom
8086:1209 -> pxe-eepro100.rom
1050:0940 -> pxe-ne2k_pci.rom
1022:2000 -> pxe-pcnet.rom
10ec:8139 -> pxe-rtl8139.rom
1af4:1000 -> pxe-virtio.rom
- The sources for the Alpha palcode image is available from:
- The u-boot binary for e500 comes from the upstream denx u-boot project where
it was compiled using the qemu-ppce500 target.
A git mirror is available at:
The hash used to compile the current version is: 2072e72
- Skiboot ( is an OPAL
(OpenPower Abstraction Layer) firmware for OpenPOWER systems. It can
run an hypervisor OS or simply a host OS on the "baremetal"
platform, also known as the PowerNV (Non-Virtualized) platform.
- QemuMacDrivers ( is a project to
provide virtualised drivers for PPC MacOS guests.
- The "edk2-*.fd.bz2" images are platform firmware binaries and matching UEFI
variable store templates built from the TianoCore community's EFI Development
Kit II project
<>. The images
were built at git tag "edk2-stable202008". The firmware binaries bundle parts
of the OpenSSL project, at git tag "OpenSSL_1_1_1g" (the OpenSSL tag is a
function of the edk2 tag). Parts of the Berkeley SoftFloat library are
bundled as well, at Release 3e plus a subsequent typo fix (commit
b64af41c3276f97f0e181920400ee056b9c88037), as an OpenSSL dependency on 32-bit
ARM. Licensing information is given in "edk2-licenses.txt". The image files
are described by the JSON documents in the "pc-bios/descriptors" directory,
which conform to the "docs/interop/firmware.json" schema.
- OpenSBI ( aims to provide an open-source
reference implementation of the RISC-V Supervisor Binary Interface (SBI)
specifications for platform-specific firmwares executing in M-mode. For all
supported platforms, OpenSBI provides several runtime firmware examples.
These example firmwares can be used to replace the legacy riscv-pk bootloader
and enable the use of well-known bootloaders such as U-Boot.
OpenSBI is distributed under the terms of the BSD 2-clause license
("Simplified BSD License" or "FreeBSD License", SPDX: BSD-2-Clause). OpenSBI
source code also contains code reused from other projects desribed here:
- npcm7xx_bootrom.bin is a simplified, free (Apache 2.0) boot ROM for Nuvoton
NPCM7xx BMC devices. It currently implements the bare minimum to load, parse,
initialize and run boot images stored in SPI flash, but may grow more
features over time as needed. The source code is available at: