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# See docs/devel/tracing.rst for syntax documentation.
# tpm_crb.c
tpm_crb_mmio_read(uint64_t addr, unsigned size, uint32_t val) "CRB read 0x%016" PRIx64 " len:%u val: 0x%" PRIx32
tpm_crb_mmio_write(uint64_t addr, unsigned size, uint32_t val) "CRB write 0x%016" PRIx64 " len:%u val: 0x%" PRIx32
# tpm_tis_common.c
tpm_tis_raise_irq(uint32_t irqmask) "Raising IRQ for flag 0x%08x"
tpm_tis_new_active_locality(uint8_t locty) "Active locality is now %d"
tpm_tis_abort(uint8_t locty) "New active locality is %d"
tpm_tis_data_read(uint32_t value, uint32_t off) "byte 0x%02x [%d]"
tpm_tis_mmio_read(unsigned size, uint32_t addr, uint32_t val) " read.%u(0x%08x) = 0x%08x"
tpm_tis_mmio_write(unsigned size, uint32_t addr, uint32_t val) "write.%u(0x%08x) = 0x%08x"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_locty4(void) "Access to locality 4 only allowed from hardware"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_release_locty(uint8_t locty) "Releasing locality %d"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_locty_req_use(uint8_t locty) "Locality %d requests use"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_next_locty(uint8_t locty) "Next active locality is %d"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_locty_seized(uint8_t locty, uint8_t active) "Locality %d seized from locality %d"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_init_abort(void) "Initiating abort"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_lowering_irq(void) "Lowering IRQ"
tpm_tis_mmio_write_data2send(uint32_t value, unsigned size) "Data to send to TPM: 0x%08x (size=%d)"
tpm_tis_pre_save(uint8_t locty, uint32_t rw_offset) "locty: %d, rw_offset = %u"
# tpm_ppi.c
tpm_ppi_memset(uint8_t *ptr, size_t size) "memset: %p %zu"
# tpm_spapr.c
tpm_spapr_do_crq(uint8_t raw1, uint8_t raw2) "1st 2 bytes in CRQ: 0x%02x 0x%02x"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_crq_result(void) "SPAPR_VTPM_INIT_CRQ_RESULT"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_crq_complete_result(void) "SPAPR_VTPM_INIT_CRQ_COMP_RESULT"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_tpm_command(void) "got TPM command payload"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_tpm_get_rtce_buffer_size(size_t buffersize) "response: buffer size is %zu"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_get_version(uint32_t version) "response: version %u"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_prepare_to_suspend(void) "response: preparing to suspend"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_unknown_msg_type(uint8_t type) "Unknown message type 0x%02x"
tpm_spapr_do_crq_unknown_crq(uint8_t raw1, uint8_t raw2) "unknown CRQ 0x%02x 0x%02x ..."
tpm_spapr_post_load(void) "Delivering TPM response after resume"
tpm_spapr_caught_response(uint32_t v) "Caught response to deliver after resume: %u bytes"