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* Copyright (c) 2012 Ravello Systems LTD (
* Developed by Daynix Computing LTD (
* Authors:
* Dmitry Fleytman <>
* Tamir Shomer <>
* Yan Vugenfirer <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#include "net/net.h"
#include "hw/net/vmxnet3.h"
#include "qom/object.h"
#define TYPE_VMXNET3 "vmxnet3"
typedef struct VMXNET3State VMXNET3State;
/* Device state and helper functions */
/* Cyclic ring abstraction */
typedef struct {
hwaddr pa;
uint32_t size;
uint32_t cell_size;
uint32_t next;
uint8_t gen;
} Vmxnet3Ring;
typedef struct {
Vmxnet3Ring tx_ring;
Vmxnet3Ring comp_ring;
uint8_t intr_idx;
hwaddr tx_stats_pa;
struct UPT1_TxStats txq_stats;
} Vmxnet3TxqDescr;
typedef struct {
Vmxnet3Ring rx_ring[VMXNET3_RX_RINGS_PER_QUEUE];
Vmxnet3Ring comp_ring;
uint8_t intr_idx;
hwaddr rx_stats_pa;
struct UPT1_RxStats rxq_stats;
} Vmxnet3RxqDescr;
typedef struct {
bool is_masked;
bool is_pending;
bool is_asserted;
} Vmxnet3IntState;
struct VMXNET3State {
PCIDevice parent_obj;
NICState *nic;
NICConf conf;
MemoryRegion bar0;
MemoryRegion bar1;
MemoryRegion msix_bar;
Vmxnet3RxqDescr rxq_descr[VMXNET3_DEVICE_MAX_RX_QUEUES];
Vmxnet3TxqDescr txq_descr[VMXNET3_DEVICE_MAX_TX_QUEUES];
/* Whether MSI-X support was installed successfully */
bool msix_used;
hwaddr drv_shmem;
hwaddr temp_shared_guest_driver_memory;
uint8_t txq_num;
/* This boolean tells whether RX packet being indicated has to */
/* be split into head and body chunks from different RX rings */
bool rx_packets_compound;
bool rx_vlan_stripping;
bool lro_supported;
uint8_t rxq_num;
/* Network MTU */
uint32_t mtu;
/* Maximum number of fragments for indicated TX packets */
uint32_t max_tx_frags;
/* Maximum number of fragments for indicated RX packets */
uint16_t max_rx_frags;
/* Index for events interrupt */
uint8_t event_int_idx;
/* Whether automatic interrupts masking enabled */
bool auto_int_masking;
bool peer_has_vhdr;
/* TX packets to QEMU interface */
struct NetTxPkt *tx_pkt;
uint32_t offload_mode;
uint32_t cso_or_gso_size;
uint16_t tci;
bool needs_vlan;
struct NetRxPkt *rx_pkt;
bool tx_sop;
bool skip_current_tx_pkt;
uint32_t device_active;
uint32_t last_command;
uint32_t link_status_and_speed;
Vmxnet3IntState interrupt_states[VMXNET3_MAX_INTRS];
uint32_t temp_mac; /* To store the low part first */
MACAddr perm_mac;
uint32_t vlan_table[VMXNET3_VFT_SIZE];
uint32_t rx_mode;
MACAddr *mcast_list;
uint32_t mcast_list_len;
uint32_t mcast_list_buff_size; /* needed for live migration. */
/* Compatibility flags for migration */
uint32_t compat_flags;