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# See docs/devel/tracing.rst for syntax documentation.
# alsaaudio.c
alsa_revents(int revents) "revents = %d"
alsa_pollout(int i, int fd) "i = %d fd = %d"
alsa_set_handler(int events, int index, int fd, int err) "events=0x%x index=%d fd=%d err=%d"
alsa_wrote_zero(int len) "Failed to write %d frames (wrote zero)"
alsa_read_zero(long len) "Failed to read %ld frames (read zero)"
alsa_xrun_out(void) "Recovering from playback xrun"
alsa_xrun_in(void) "Recovering from capture xrun"
alsa_resume_out(void) "Resuming suspended output stream"
# ossaudio.c
oss_version(int version) "OSS version = 0x%x"
# dbusaudio.c
dbus_audio_register(const char *s, const char *dir) "sender = %s, dir = %s"
dbus_audio_put_buffer_out(size_t len) "len = %zu"
dbus_audio_read(size_t len) "len = %zu"
# audio.c
audio_timer_start(int interval) "interval %d ms"
audio_timer_stop(void) ""
audio_timer_delayed(int interval) "interval %d ms"