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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* LoongArch translation routines.
* Copyright (c) 2021 Loongson Technology Corporation Limited
#include "exec/translator.h"
#define TRANS(NAME, FUNC, ...) \
static bool trans_##NAME(DisasContext *ctx, arg_##NAME * a) \
{ return FUNC(ctx, a, __VA_ARGS__); }
* If an operation is being performed on less than TARGET_LONG_BITS,
* it may require the inputs to be sign- or zero-extended; which will
* depend on the exact operation being performed.
typedef enum {
} DisasExtend;
typedef struct DisasContext {
DisasContextBase base;
target_ulong page_start;
uint32_t opcode;
int mem_idx;
TCGv zero;
/* Space for 3 operands plus 1 extra for address computation. */
TCGv temp[4];
uint8_t ntemp;
} DisasContext;
void generate_exception(DisasContext *ctx, int excp);
extern TCGv cpu_gpr[32], cpu_pc;
extern TCGv_i32 cpu_fscr0;
extern TCGv_i64 cpu_fpr[32];