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* CPU timers state API
* Copyright 2020 SUSE LLC
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#include "qemu/timer.h"
/* init the whole cpu timers API, including icount, ticks, and cpu_throttle */
void cpu_timers_init(void);
/* icount - Instruction Counter API */
* icount enablement state:
* 0 = Disabled - Do not count executed instructions.
* 1 = Enabled - Fixed conversion of insn to ns via "shift" option
* 2 = Enabled - Runtime adaptive algorithm to compute shift
extern int use_icount;
#define icount_enabled() (use_icount)
#define icount_enabled() 0
* Update the icount with the executed instructions. Called by
* cpus-tcg vCPU thread so the main-loop can see time has moved forward.
void icount_update(CPUState *cpu);
/* get raw icount value */
int64_t icount_get_raw(void);
/* return the virtual CPU time in ns, based on the instruction counter. */
int64_t icount_get(void);
* convert an instruction counter value to ns, based on the icount shift.
* This shift is set as a fixed value with the icount "shift" option
* (precise mode), or it is constantly approximated and corrected at
* runtime in adaptive mode.
int64_t icount_to_ns(int64_t icount);
/* configure the icount options, including "shift" */
void icount_configure(QemuOpts *opts, Error **errp);
/* used by tcg vcpu thread to calc icount budget */
int64_t icount_round(int64_t count);
/* if the CPUs are idle, start accounting real time to virtual clock. */
void icount_start_warp_timer(void);
void icount_account_warp_timer(void);
void icount_notify_exit(void);
* CPU Ticks and Clock
/* Caller must hold BQL */
void cpu_enable_ticks(void);
/* Caller must hold BQL */
void cpu_disable_ticks(void);
* return the time elapsed in VM between vm_start and vm_stop.
* cpu_get_ticks() uses units of the host CPU cycle counter.
int64_t cpu_get_ticks(void);
* Returns the monotonic time elapsed in VM, i.e.,
* the time between vm_start and vm_stop
int64_t cpu_get_clock(void);
void qemu_timer_notify_cb(void *opaque, QEMUClockType type);
/* get the VIRTUAL clock and VM elapsed ticks via the cpus accel interface */
int64_t cpus_get_virtual_clock(void);
int64_t cpus_get_elapsed_ticks(void);
#endif /* SYSEMU_CPU_TIMERS_H */